Skyrim is now a city builder

If you’ve always thought the land of Skyrim needs to be a little more civilized, you’re in luck: the classic mod that turned Skyrim into a city-building game has finally been updated to work with Skyrim: Special Edition.

Modder Ripvanwinkle111 first released their “RTS for Skyrim” mod in 2012, and while it didn’t turn Skyrim into a full-blown strategy game, it did let you start from scratch by building buildings and assigning villagers to work in them Create functional towns and defend settlements. You can also assign villagers to local militias and have them take shifts and follow patrol routes you specify.

Now the mod has been updated and there is a version for Skyrim: Special Edition. This mod lets you place houses, workshops and shops, then recruit villagers and merchants to manage them. Villagers pay taxes and forage in the wilderness, and you can even recruit them as followers. This mod allows you to recruit up to 200 people, so you can build a really bustling little city with this mod.

There are many other functions. Your town starts when you build a few houses, you can build an unlimited number of houses by paying for firewood or gold. The home can then be upgraded into a studio where you can fill it with furniture and decorations.

The latest version even includes a new spell, one that lets you highlight buildings or objects to create blueprints that can be used to craft replica structures.

You can also place up to 8 Fast Travel markers in town.

Go to Nexus Mods to download RTS for Skyrim. Be sure to check out our list of the best Skyrim mods for more ideas on how to change the landmark RPG.

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