Space 4X Galactic Civilizations 4 release date set for April

Space 4X Galactic Civilizations 4 release date set for April

If you’ve been dying to command a massive fleet of starships and start planting your flag in the unknown, you’re in luck: Galactic Civilizations IV’s release date is just around the corner. The massive 4X game launches on PC on April 26th.

Galactic Civilization IV adds some important new elements to the strategy formula perfected by its predecessors. For one thing, campaigns can be longer and larger because they can span multiple galactic sectors thanks to the addition of subspace streams. These are portals that connect multiple vast areas through time and space, meaning each campaign map can be bigger this time around.

While there’s more to consider in terms of scale, developer Stardock also brings extra depth to the more zoomed-in view of each civilization. In Galactic Civilizations IV, you have individual citizens, each with their own opinion on how good your job is. Your subordinate rulers can decide that they’ve embraced your planet-conquering antics and decide to split into civilizations of their own.

Here’s the launch trailer, introducing the new subspace stream.

As we mentioned before, you also have full control over your faction because Galactic Civilization IV includes a full civilization designer. You can also create policies and issue executive orders, and micromanaging is made easier thanks to the new “core world” concept, which delegates the responsibility for subpar worlds you conquer to one of your more mature planets.

When Galactic Civilizations IV launches on April 26, you’ll be able to plan your own course through the stars.

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