Star Trek: Revival feels like playing a real episode

Star Trek: Revival feels like playing a real episode

While Star Trek movies, novels and games have been around for decades and generations, the show has always been the entry point for its millions of fans. Star Trek: Resurrection, an upcoming adventure game from the former Telltale developer studio, may be the first Trek video game that manages to recapture the sound, feel and look of ’90s Star Trek.

In a hands-on demo at GDC, I played the role of Jara Rydek, a new executive reporting to the Starfleet Resolute. The captain, a weather-beaten father named Solano, explained that I was on board at a critical moment: the Resolute was undergoing maintenance after a disastrous and embarrassing experiment went wrong about six months ago. “We need a win,” he explained, clenching his fists and tapping his desk for emphasis.

I could choose to channel Jara’s testimonials in the conversation, choosing to play a zealous tough charger, ready for any challenge, but also obeying orders. Most notably, the Revival already feels so aligned with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager. The shot composition, set design (look at all the rugs!) and dialogue make me feel like I’m settling in for a new episode of the classic Trek series.

Here’s the trailer, revealed in December:

The stakes are also set much like a TV episode. Resolute was asked to negotiate between two races involved in a dilithium mining dispute between two alien races: one that provided the technology and operated the mine, and one that actually did the mining. Jarrah’s first mission as an XO is to travel to the planet and listen to “useful information” that is not publicly discussed in official peace talks.

Developer Dramatic Labs says Resurgence will include some action sequences, but like most Trek episodes, it’s primarily focused on advancing the plot through exploration and dialogue.

Early in the demo, I was greeted by the presence of Ambassador Spock, whose voice actor almost disturbingly reproduced Leonard Nimoy’s unmistakable tone. During a staff briefing before heading to Earth, the characters raised concerns and asked questions, and I had the opportunity to chime in—hopefully—to build my credibility with the Starfleet saga.

The demo ended as we started the mission, and I was hooked – like I had just watched the opening part of the new episode, right up to the first cut of the commercial. I had a feeling I wanted to run to the kitchen for a snack, then hurried back to the couch to settle down and continue the adventure.

Star Trek: Resurrection is coming to the Epic Games Store later this year, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. While it feels like an episode of Trek, the game will be released as a single episodic story that you’ll be able to play through on launch day. The developers promise it won’t contain any microtransactions, DLC, NFTs, or “other additional monetization models.”

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