Stardew Valley fan proposes with healthy pop-up book

Stardew Valley fan proposes with healthy pop-up book


A Stardew Valley fan has proposed to his girlfriend with a beautifully crafted pop-up book on his fifth wedding anniversary. You can submit this to Epic Boyfriend — or, maybe we should say fiancé by now — to win.

Now-engaged Stardew Valley fans shared the adorable creation on the game’s subreddit, setting the stage for some rewarding viewing. The cover, of course, is the opening scene in Stardew Valley, with the pointer hovering over the co-op button. The rest of the pages summarize their times with a Stardew spin. You have a save file as old as their time together, an anniversary note written in the style of a mission, and pop-up pages of various reminiscences.

Putting all this together requires patience, some YouTube videos, and a ton of printer ink, explains the wonderfully named Goop. “I started by sketching out my ideas for the book in pencil, then combining resources I found online, screenshots I took from the game and hand-drawn elements, I made individual pages, printed, glued and bound them together,” they explained.

If you were wondering, she said yes.

In other Stardew Valley news, the farm game is now entirely self-published. Eric ‘ ConcernedApe’ Barone marked the occasion by answering a series of questions on Twitter. He’s not ruling out another Stardew Valley update, although it probably won’t be as big as patch 1.5.

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