Steam Deck can run out of battery in 90 minutes if fps is not capped

Steam Deck can run out of battery in 90 minutes if fps is not capped

Steam Deck can run out of battery in 90 minutes if fps is not capped

According to Valve, we can expect between 2-8 hours of battery life on the Steam platform, depending on the hardware requirements of a particular game.Now, early tests from several YouTube channels have given us some real data to measure this claim, and it’s clear that 2 hours is no The absolute minimum for a steam deck battery. In the GamersNexus test, it ran out of juice a full 33 minutes faster.

GamersNexus ran a series of battery tests, including Devil May Cry 5 with uncapped framerates and Vsync disabled. At these settings, Steam Deck lasted 87 minutes — with the brightness set to 50%. By comparison, the DMC 5 lasted a full two hours with Vsync enabled, slightly lower settings, and a frame rate cap of 60 fps.

YouTuber The Phawx also ran an intensive battery life test to determine worst-case performance for the Steam platform, and using the game controls came up with a very similar number: 85-90 minutes. “If you turn off Vsync and go to low settings and 90 fps for no reason — you have a 60Hz monitor — you can inadvertently have terrible battery life,” he said. Both channels tested Dead Cells, another preview game from Valve, and got 6 hours of battery life with Vsync enabled. This suggests that indie games and older, less graphically demanding PC games may be able to run for hours on the Steam platform, although neither test came close to Valve’s stated cap. “I’ve never reached eight hours in my life,” The Phawx said.

This test highlights one of the main differences between the Steam platform and traditional consoles like the Nintendo Switch: Configuring games with the proper settings is critical to getting the most out of your system. In Forza Horizo​​​n 5, Phawx was able to get around 4 hours of battery life by locking the frame rate to 30 fps and making some settings tweaks.

In modern games, shooting at 60 fps roughly means less battery life — around two hours from what we’ve seen so far — but older and lighter games should be more in the 4-6 hour range Inside. No matter what target you’re shooting for, setting an fps limit will ensure you don’t waste processing power and battery life.

Another good news from the GamersNexus test: The Steam Deck charges pretty fast. When turned on (and idle), the Steam Deck can charge to 80% in 100 minutes. A full charge takes another 80 minutes—just like a smartphone, the Steam Deck slows down charging after a certain point to preserve the life of the lithium-ion battery.

Some early tests on the Steam platform released today also show that the micro SD card has very fast load times, often even matching internal SSDs.

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