Subnautica meets city skyline in this sunken city builder

Subnautica meets city skyline in this sunken city builder

There’s a new survival city building game coming later this year, and it’s basically a Bioshock management game. Aquatico’s trailer shows the game as a clever mix of survival on Mars and Subnautica, and it seems like it also has elements of survival and exploration.

Aquatico is a new underwater city management strategy game from Digital Reef and Overseer Games, the studio behind last year’s critically acclaimed medieval city builder Patron. According to Aquatico’s Steam page, it’s set in a distant future where the surface becomes uninhabitable and we don’t yet have the technology to colonize other planets — which is basically an excuse to create a submerged city.

As in Survival Mars, humans can’t survive outside of base, so it’s a matter of underwater cities where residents can live and thrive, how are you? Build a city, gather resources, feed your population, explore and “overcome the unique dangers lurking in this incredible environment”, all with the help of drones, submarines and Big Daddies – well, “Mechanized Underwater Robots”.

You can check out the trailer below, it looks interesting. Setting aside, there are some issues with how Aquatico will differentiate itself from other city-building games. The expected release date is Q3 2022, hopefully this will be answered in the next few months.

Apparently, in other city-building news, Surviving Mars is now a train game.

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