The toughest Forsaken dungeon is the Corruption Abyss

The toughest Forsaken dungeon is the Corruption Abyss


While Square Enix recently confirmed that its next big RPG, Forspoken, was delayed until October, it took a fresh look at some of the game’s side quests and features — including revealing the seemingly super-toughness hidden in its depths Forspoken Dungeon. break the storm.

Square Enix is ​​known for having some of the best JRPGs on PC, and the publisher’s latest hope is Forspoken from new developer Luminous Productions — a company made up of many members of the Final Fantasy XV team, which explains why Forspoken is so Action – Focused open world game.

An open world means that there must be a lot of side events, and Game Informer researched some of them. Square Enix has previously revealed some game features, such as the sweeping “breaking” storm that brings higher-level enemies. However, the latest look has revealed that within a specific destruction-infested area on the Forspoken map will be hidden a challenging dungeon-type experience called “The Corrupted Abyss.”

Forspoken’s open world is surrounded by areas that are completely corrupted by the Mist of Break, and deep within these corrupted places, players can find a pit to dive into. There aren’t any videos or screenshots yet, but Game Informer describes the points as “a surreal world where enemies provide plenty of challenges.”

While that’s not much right now, these pits of corruption definitely sound like Forspoken’s higher-level dungeon encounters, or maybe even something more unique. We’ll have to wait until October 11 to find out.

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