This 2TB Samsung NVMe SSD is the lowest price on Amazon

This 2TB Samsung NVMe SSD is the lowest price on Amazon

As our Steam library grows larger with every sale, we never seem to quite We have enough space on our gaming PC for all the video games we want to install. To make matters worse, as 4K gaming becomes more commonplace, the best PC games seem to just need more and more storage space (looking at you here, Total War: Warhammer 3.) Thankfully, this can be done by installing One of the best games to quickly fix an SSD used for gaming, such as the Samsung 970 Evo Plus.

Don’t let its slim M.2 form factor fool you, as this SSD has a 2TB capacity, leaving plenty of room for your favorite games and anything else you might need. It also features a PCI Gen 3 interface that enables sequential read and write speeds of 3,500/3,300MB/s, keeping load times low and system responsiveness high.

It’s priced at just $199.99, its lowest price ever on Amazon, and 60% ($300) off its $499.99 price tag. UK shoppers can share this bargain too, as the SSD is also the cheapest ever on Amazon UK at just £179.98.

These price points will most likely only continue while stocks last, so make sure you don’t miss out! It’s not worth the price of an SSD that could go up any time soon, so this might be the last time you’ll get one on the cheap.

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If you want to have your new SSD delivered to your door as quickly as possible while loading games, you should subscribe to Amazon Prime. Not only will you get faster delivery times for your orders, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of all the games and goodies that Twitch Prime has to offer.

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