This Fortnite map code will go to South Park

This Fortnite map code will go to South Park


Fortnite fans created a South Park map code that you can try right now. The creative mode of the popular battle royale game allows for the efficient re-creation of massive amounts of content. Just last week, we saw an incredible Assassin’s Creed-inspired map, but dedicated creators have been making these carefully crafted maps for years. Well, this time we’re not visiting a beloved game series, but a long-running TV show.

You can now access the worlds of four of South Park TV’s most infamous kids. While we’ve seen South Park games like The Stick of Truth and Broken But Whole over the past few years, none of them are FPS games. In fact, we haven’t seen the town in a shooter since the PlayStation and N64 games in 1999. So, if you’ve been craving small town cover, here’s your first chance in over two decades.

This map is thanks to Redditor wuwba, who built the town and made it playable in both Zone War (0710-5299-1162) and Shootout (7055-7136-4368). The map consists of several streets lined with houses and trees, the biggest attraction being the school, which is on one floor and has several rooms you’ll recognize from the show.

It’s a very cold map with lots of open sight lines and fairly little cover other than the surrounding houses. If you’re a fan of the show, it’s still fun to run around. While it’s not as detailed as some of the other Fortnite creative maps, it still captures the show’s colors and almost feels like a throwback to the retro days of the first South Park game.

I created the first South Park map in Fortnite Creative 🥳😎 Zone Wars: 0710-5299-1162 Gun Game: 7055-7136-4368 from FortniteCreative

If you’re looking for an official crossover, you might be interested in the latest batch of rumors that seem to suggest that both Indiana Jones and Darth Vader could be in the game.

For more of the best Fortnite creative codes, you can follow this link.

Image credit: Wuwba/Reddit

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