This Open Source Stardew Valley Mod Manager Makes Mods Easier

This Open Source Stardew Valley Mod Manager Makes Mods Easier


Six years after its launch, Stardew Valley has become a haven for many great mods, but keeping them organized can be fiddly—especially if you have a lot of mods at once. Stardrop is a new open source Stardew Valley mod manager designed to “simplify” the process – and it’s out now.

While there are fewer major content updates for ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley, players can always turn to the hundreds of mods available to the game to refresh the experience – like a better inventory management experience, a missing person mystery, or even a version ConcernedApe’s next game, Haunted Chocolatier.

Once you start using some mods in any game, things start to get a little messy, so it’s always recommended that you use a mod manager to keep things as organized as possible. Now, Stardew Valley mods also has an “open source, cross-platform” manager called Stardrop – and even better, it’s now available for download from NexusMods.

While currently only in public beta, Stardrop uses SMAPI (Stardew Modding API) to “simplify management and update checking for all applicable mods” – with full support for multiple mod profiles and multiplayer. Just install SMAPI and Stardew Valley, or if you don’t already have it, just download and run Stardrop and point it to SMAPI – from now on, modding the game will be much easier.

The same goes for time, and while Stardew Valley may get further updates, the developers currently have no plans as ConcernedApe is busy with its upcoming Haunted Chocolate Shop. Hopefully this will also get a decent open source mod manager.

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