UK teen arrested in connection with Lapsus$ Microsoft hack

UK teen arrested in connection with Lapsus$ Microsoft hack

The Metropolitan Police have reportedly arrested seven teenagers in the UK in connection with Lapsus$, the ransomware cybercriminal group that recently breached Microsoft. According to the BBC, the suspected leader of the gang is a 16-year-old boy from Oxford who allegedly made $14 million by extorting companies including Nvidia and Ubisoft.

The school-age scammer, nicknamed “The White Man” or “Breachbase” online, appears to be being targeted after a disagreement with a business partner. While the teenager is based in Oxford, England and attended a special education school in the area, his cybercriminal counterparts are believed to be in South America.

The tech-savvy 16-year-old allegedly made 300 bitcoins (about $13 million) from his erratic pastime, but his parents say they didn’t know about his actions until recently. The boy’s father also told the BBC he thought he was “playing video games” but now said he would “try to stop him from playing the computer”.

The other six suspects at Lapsus$ are said to be between the ages of 16 and 21, and City of London Police said they had been released and were being investigated. While it appears that the Met has made a major breakthrough in stopping the gang’s operations, the fact that Lapsus$ is made up of international members means the group remains at large.

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On Wednesday, Microsoft confirmed that Lapsus$ had gained “limited access” to one of its Azure development accounts. The tech giant also assured customers that there is no risk to their data and security, as the company does not rely on “keeping code private as a security measure.” The group has previously tried to blackmail Nvidia into unlocking the hash rate of its best graphics cards, but it’s unclear whether the source files for Cortana and Bing have any extortion value.

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