Vampire Survivor Cheat and Cheat Engine Guide

Vampire Survivor Cheat and Cheat Engine Guide


Are you looking for vampire survivor cheats? If you want to unlock all vampire survivor characters, you must enter at least one of the two cheat codes in the main menu of the roguelike game. It’s as simple as pressing the buttons in a certain order, and you know the cheat code is active when you hear a jingle.

Of course, these are just built-in Vampire Survivor Cheats. Also, if you want to completely ruin the game and unlock Red Death with ease, you can install the Vampire Survivors cheat engine. Using a cheat engine, you can make yourself an unstoppable monster slayer, clearing every enemy on the screen, gaining treasure chests and speeding up time at the touch of a button.

This isn’t the only mod available for Vampire Survivors, as you can also find other mods that give you access to custom characters in the same Nexus Mods page. So if you want to play as Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the X-Men, or a character from Dragon Ball Z, you have a choice. Here’s what you need to set up the Vampire Survivors cheat engine, all the cheats available, and how to remove the mod.

But first, we have all the codes you can enter without installing any mods. Here are all the Vampire Survivor cheats:

  • X-x1viiq – Unlock Exdash as a playable character
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc, Enter – Earn 5,000 Gold (can only be used once)

vampire survivor cheat engine

The above cheats are available in the vanilla game, but you can do more with the Vampire Survivor cheat engine on Nexus Mods. To install the mod, download the Zip file from the Nexus Mods website, then click and drag the assets folder into the game folder. You can easily access the game folder by right-clicking on Vampire Survivors in your Steam library and selecting “Browse Local Files”.

You need the latest version of the Vampire Survivors Cheat Mode mod (current version is 0.5.0) to make sure it works. After installing the mod, open the game. You can now access the following vampire survivor cheats by pressing:

main menu cheat

  • C – Add new coins
  • R – Reset game data
  • u – This unlocks everything in the game except Red Death

In-game cheating

  • X – Level up your character once
  • H – Heal your character to full health
  • Z – Unlock all weapons in the game at once
  • A generation – Make your character invulnerable for the rest of the game
  • Ton – The game clock does not jump to the next second, but to the next minute
  • – Automatically get game over.
  • Second – Maximize the number of enemies that appear on the screen
  • K – Kill all enemies on the screen except any dead enemies
  • G – Automatically open a treasure chest with five items
  • five – Inhale everything on the ground
  • ask – exhibit
  • Roll the mouse wheel – Manually zoom in and out of the game

Uninstall the Vampire Survivor cheat engine modfollow these steps:

  • In your Steam library, right click on Vampire Survivors and select “Browse Local Files”
  • Open the app
  • open ‘.webpack’
  • Open the renderer
  • delete ‘main.bundle.js’
  • Go back to the Vampire Survivors Steam page, right click and select “Properties”
  • Click the “Local Files” tab
  • Click “Verify Integrity of Game Files…”

This method ensures that all files are present and then downloads a new version of the “main.bundle.js” file we just deleted. Once the verification process is complete, the game will revert to its original state. Note that when you uninstall the mod, anything you activate or unlock remains unless you use cheats to reset game data.

These are the cheats for vampire survivors. As you play, you may need to know all the vampire survivor weapon evolution recipes at a glance, as they can be hard to remember among a large group of enemies. Typically, updates come quickly and thickly for Vampire Survivor, but if you’ve done everything in the game, there are plenty of other indie games worth playing.

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