Vampire Survivor’s Bones Update Adds Farting Dogs

Vampire Survivor’s Bones Update Adds Farting Dogs

Vampire Survivor’s latest character is a dog capable of releasing flowers. The mighty pupper was added to the hit indie game over the weekend as part of patch 0.5.1, and it’s as good as you can imagine.

Vampire survivor characters all have their own unique abilities, although they all serve similar purposes. The roguelike and bullet hell mashup sends you waves of enemies, so you have to blast them while keeping the spacing properly controlled or they’ll swarm. In case you’re wondering, you can’t pet this dog. They have a lot to do now.

In the new Vampire Survivor update, new characters appear alongside other things. There’s a new difficulty challenge stage called “The Bone Zone,” which is essentially a room of bones filled with levitating skeletons floating behind you. Developer Poncle has also added a tier for reroll and skip items, as well as two new Arcana. You also have tons of tweaks and bug fixes.

Here’s the new puppy in action:

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