Vermintide 2’s annual pub crawl is underway

Vermintide 2’s annual pub crawl is underway


It’s hard to believe that Skaven Sage co-op Vermintide 2 is four years old, but it’s true – and to celebrate, Fatshark has launched a limited-time A Quiet Drink quest from now until March 20. The studio says there’s more to come, however, with a quality-of-life update coming next week.

A Quiet Drink sees Ubersreik five (or four? Well, anyway) partying around town to the Hungry Troll Tavern in search of some fabled Bugman XXXXXX, said to be the most refreshing alcoholic drink ever brewed. Naturally, they were attacked by hordes of Skaven, and some Chaos Warriors eventually showed up to join the commotion. In other words, it was an ordinary night in town.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used Vermintide 2, now is a good time to check what’s changed while you’re away. The Chaos Wastes update effectively doubles the map area of ​​the original game with a semi-roguelike expedition mode that lets you enter the realm of chaos to avoid the impending doomsday. Additionally, the game is currently 80% off on Steam.

Fatshark says the Quality of Life update will roll out on March 15th and will include some new features inspired by the community’s favorite mods, some new premium cosmetics, and more.

A developer livestream is scheduled for March 11 at 5AM PST / 8AM EST / 1PM GMT, where Fatshark’s Vermintide 2 Community Manager Asqhy will discuss some of the additions in the update content.

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