Want to get into game journalism?Has a WASD panel

Want to get into game journalism?Has a WASD panel


Ever wanted to get into game journalism? Then you’ll want to attend or watch London’s brand new game show WASD. On Friday 8 April at 16:00 BST, a panel of writers from some of the UK’s leading media sites will be offering advice to aspiring gaming journalists.

PCGamesN Editor Richard Scott-Jones will be joined by colleagues Jen Rothery and Joe Robinson and Imogen Donovan of GAMINGbible. Since inception, each group has had a very different line of business and a range of experiences, and their website has handled gaming coverage differently, so the group promises a rich mix of insights.

Briefing the proposal, Scott-Jones urged applicants not to be intimidated by industry competitiveness. “We have a lot of applicants for every vacancy because it’s an enjoyable job, but for the same reason, a lot of applicants tend to be ambitious. You’d be surprised how, with the right basics, You can stand out,” Scott-Jones said.

“At the entry level, we’re looking for people who can write well and understand PC gaming inside and out, as well as people who are passionate and motivated. Possess more advanced skills – such as SEO or social media technology, or an industry Contact books – great, but it’s also our responsibility to provide you with these skills. The basics are harder to teach; our editors can polish your writing, but you must have a solid foundation, and of course game knowledge should be self-evident of.”

Given the above, Scott-Jones is encouraged by the applicant’s prospects. PCGamesN is now hiring a Guide Editor, there will be some entry-level vacancies soon, and we’d love to hear from you. But “pay close attention to the needs of each job ad,” Scott-Jones urged. “We’ve seen some applicants take a sloppy approach, thinking it’s a numbers game and you’re bound to succeed at a certain percentage of low-effort applications. In my experience applying or recruiting, that’s never been true, I Can’t imagine anyone else doing the same. At the end of every recruiting process, there is a person, not a random number generator, and a once-and-for-all candidate is obvious.”

You can tune in to the packed talk schedule at PCGamesN theatres, including a gaming news talk on Friday 8 April at 16:00 BST, via the WASD live stream below:

WASD is already taking place at London’s famous Wapping Tobacco Docks, but if you’re in the area and want to catch the latest UK game show at the last minute, there are still WASD tickets available today and Saturday:

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