Wartales Roadmap Confirms Summer Collaboration, “June” New Region

Wartales Roadmap Confirms Summer Collaboration, “June” New Region


The Wartales 2022 roadmap is here, and it confirms a rough co-op release date for the tactical RPG’s multiplayer update. Following this week’s Harag’s Marshlands, there’s also a new Wartales region, which PCGamesN can confirm is planned for June.

Earlier this week, Wartales and Dune: Spice Wars developer Shiro Games released a new Harag’s Marshlands update for its RPG/turn-based strategy game, bringing a new swamp area for players to try. PCGamesN interviewed Shiro’s Adrien Briatta, who described the update as “very, very difficult” but with “at least 15 to 20 hours of gameplay.”

Shiro has since released the Wartales 2022 roadmap, confirming that development has shifted to all of the game’s new features. Several community-requested features, such as the ability to upgrade legendary weapons, will be released over the next few months.

A multiplayer update, coming in the summer, will allow up to four players to cooperate online to help each other in battle, share or compete for loot.

However, on the “pending” side of the roadmap is another showcase of new areas in the style of Harag’s Marshlands. PCGamesN asked Shiro Games’ Adrien Briatta about it, and they told us “it’s going to be bigger or more impressive than the Swamp” — and it should “hopefully” be released “by the end of June.”

With the release of Harag’s Marshlands earlier this week, we updated #war story route map!

See what happens below…

— Wartales (@Wartales_Game) March 25, 2022

PCGamesN also asked Briatta players when they’ll see Dune: Spice Wars’ release date — you can find yourself by clicking on that link.

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