Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes Include New Caldera Location

Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes Include New Caldera Location


Call of Duty: Warzone – Pacific Season 3 kicks off today, which means there’s a lot going on the next time you drop into Caldera for one to three great battle royale games. While Kong and Godzilla are still a few more weeks away, some new locations on the island suggest they’re no strangers to Caldera.

Season 3 brings Iron Trials mode to Caldera. This mode increases the operator’s base health, but limits regeneration and makes it take longer to activate. No free loadouts drop, buy station prices go up, and it’s harder to find lots of cash and rare and legendary weapons.

Crater changed a lot in Season 3. There is a new gulag in the cargo hold of a ship moored off the coast of the island. You will be able to watch each round from a series of catwalks overlooking the lower part of the hull. The new excavation site is located between mines and ruins, and is filled with heavy earthmoving equipment, supply crates and the skeletons of the titans that once roamed the island.

Here’s the trailer:

The summit, runway, and lagoon locations have all been updated, as well as a new stormy skybox on the island. Players can also find a new type of contract called Sabotage, which is tasked with tracking down a target vehicle and destroying it. Complete the sabotage contract and you’ll get an armored truck to deploy.

Season 3 also marked the arrival of Ricochet’s kernel-level anti-cheat driver in the Call of Duty: Pioneer game client.

The full patch notes include a list of weapon, perk, and gear tweaks made in the latest update.

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