WASD sold out showrooms with Sega, Devolver and Team17

WASD sold out showrooms with Sega, Devolver and Team17

The new consumer video game show, WASD, opens on April 7 as part of the London Games Festival, and organisers of the event have confirmed the showrooms are sold out. That means publishers like Sega, Devolver Digital, and Team17 will be showing off a ton of games, while WASD will provide the first public experience of several highly anticipated upcoming PC games.

Sega will have its first public, hands-on experience of the two-point campus at the show. A follow-up to Two Point Hospital, this college building simulator applies the goofy sensibilities of classic management games like Theme Hospital to a new setting with a modern twist, letting you offer a knight school jousting degree or a giant pie credential from Gourmet College.

Team17 will be teaming up with the recently released Ship of Fools, a co-op roguelike game where you sail the seas, buckle up some garlands, and battle various abominations in search of even cooler loot.

As previously announced, Devolver will be there to provide Yomi with the first publicly playable versions of Cult of the Lamb and Trek. As Marketing Manager Robbie Paterson told us, “It’s really exciting to see people finally play them. I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised! We’ve always been proud of the diversity of our games, and I think there’s something in between It’s no different, so hopefully people will see that we have something for everyone.”

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For more information, check out our WASD landing page, or go to WASD’s official website to purchase tickets. We hope to see you there!

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