Western Digital 4TB hard drives are now $50 off

Western Digital 4TB hard drives are now $50 off


When your gaming PC starts to slow down and gather digital cobwebs, Western Digital hard drives can be a godsend, as adding a new HDD can bring new life to your system. Whether you’re replacing one storage device that’s already starting to fail, or adding another to your growing army of storage devices, they don’t have to cost the earth because you can buy a $50 portable WD hard drive on Amazon.

not only Western Digital HDDs give you the opportunity to speed up your computer by transferring miscellaneous files from your main hard drive, but you can also run your games directly. Some games run smoother if you download them directly to your hard drive, which means it can help you enhance your gaming experience with less lag.

Best of all, it’s also portable. If you live a lifestyle of traveling between locations, this can be a great way to keep your best PC games and important files with you at all times. Of course, it’s always prudent to make an external backup of your files anyway.

The specifications of the WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive are as follows:

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, PC, Tablet, Mac
  • USB connection: USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
  • format: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 – it will also be compatible with other operating systems, but may require reformatting
  • cache size: 4

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You might also want to know that a 5TB version of this drive is also currently available. This one’s only $30 (23%) off, so it’s not a huge cut, but if that extra terabyte is important to you, it might be worth a look. If you’re in the UK, you’ll find the 4TB version is only 29% lower.

It’s unclear how long any of these deals will last, so if you want to enjoy these bargains, it’s wise to act quickly. If you want to see other options available, check out our guide to the best SSDs for gaming.

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