What is Albedo good for Genshin?
What is Albedo good for Genshin?

What is Albedo good for Genshin?

The best Genshin Impact Albedo build

We recommend using Albedo as a secondary DPS character due to his quick move cooldowns and intense AoE geo damage. Pair him up with other DPS characters like Zhongli or Keqing to maximise your damage output.

Likewise, Is Albedo a good guy Genshin? Long story short Albedo is an artificial human, who was created by Rhinedottir. She’s an alchemist from Khaenri’ah and is described as cold and strict, however, she is also friends with Alice, Klee’s mom. … This would be accidental, Albedo isn’t evil and wants the Traveler to stop him if this ever happens.

Should I pull for ITTO or Albedo? Here are more reasons why you should pull for Albedo:

You need another Geo for your Geo teams. You do not plan to pull for Itto, or other upcoming characters, like Ganyu. You like Albedo’s character and/or gameplay. You want a flexible DPS support that can fit in almost any team.

Consequently, Is Albedo or Zhongli better? So when we look at it, zhongli brings more overall damage to the team, more shielding and safety, and more crowd control by FAR. Albedo’s EM boost only increases melt and vape by 20% max in optimal condition.

Is Albedo better than EULA?

This is all objectively speaking, but Eula is a much bigger DPS dealer thanks to her Elemental Burst which deals huge Phys DMG if correctly used. However, Albedo is a great Geo character, support, and can be a huge DPS especially if you plan to expand your Geo team.

Is Albedo a boy? Albedo was a short and slender young man with pale skin and a golden diamond-shaped mark at the center of his neck.

Should I pull for ITTO? Long story short, objectively, you should pull Itto for a good DPS & if you want Goro or plan to get/raise more Geo characters. Pull for Shenhe if you already have a Cryo DPS character like Ganyu or Ayaka, or plan to get one in the future. Subjectively, just pull the one between the two that you want to marry the most.

Why do we need Albedo? Albedo is a Geo Sword user that excels in dealing off-field damage and providing support with his Elemental Skill, Abiogenesis: Solar Isotama. The Solar Isotama creates a field that deals Geo damage when you hit an enemy inside. Since this is Geo damage, it’ll create Shield Particles for you to defend yourself with.

Should I get into or Albedo?

Players should wish for Albedo if they need a Sub-DPS. This unit can deal great damage every 2s via his Elemental Skill. With its short cooldown, this skill can always be active on the field. If built decently, Albedo can easily deal 10k damage every time his Elemental Skill is triggered.

Does Albedo breathe? There is a chance that Albedo may have been born, or as many fans believe, created in Khaenri’ah, where his master took him in. The alchemy he uses has control over life itself to some degree, with him being able to breathe life into plants.

Is Albedo death Genshin?

The true Albedo’s fate in Genshin Impact is unclear – he may have been attacked and killed by the Primordial Albedo after the Traveler departed from the campsite, or he may still be alive and residing in his campsite in Dragonspine.

Is Albedo a demon? She is one of the three NPCs created by Tabula Smaragdina and is the self-proclaimed wife of Ainz Ooal Gown. She is a succubus that serves as the leader of the Floor Guardians in Nazarick.

Is Arataki Itto an oni?

Arataki Itto is an oni and the head of the Arataki Gang from Inazuma in Genshin Impact. Learn about Itto’s character profile, his story appearances, a list of character thoughts related to him, his voice actors, and more in this Character Lore guide!

Is Arataki Itto a DPS?

Arataki Itto is a DPS in most situations. Itto has the highest DPS in Geo Characters. Itto mainly uses his special Charged Attack to deal DMG.

Is Arataki Itto meta? As confirmed in Genshin Impact’s version 2.3 special program livestream, Arataki Itto arrives in the second half of version 2.3. His release will shake the game’s meta, as the relevance of Geo-centric teams will start to increase.

Is Albedo good with Diluc? While mastering Diluc’s talents, players can constantly bring flaming slashes to the enemy and create shields in Albedo’s Geo zones. By having Albedo around, Diluc is given a major defensive advantage.

Is Albedo good overlord?

Being the leader of the Floor Guardians, Albedo is one of the most powerful Floor Guardians and is a very strong being in general.

Is Albedo effect good? Here on Earth, the albedo effect has a significant impact on our climate. The lower the albedo, the more radiation from the Sun that gets absorbed by the planet, and temperatures will rise. If the albedo is higher, and the Earth is more reflective, more of the radiation is returned to space, and the planet cools.

Is Albedo a DPS or support?

Albedo is a 5-Star Geo Sword character that is an excellent Sub-DPS and one of the few characters that effectively scales on Defense.

Albedo Character Type.

Character Type SupportDPS
Weapon Sword

17 Mar 2022

What does Albedo think of Kaeya? The choice to talk about Kaeya makes them seem close. Since Albedo doesn’t really enjoy socializing, the fact that he has a relationship with Kaeya close enough for him to sketch him in a teasing manner shows that he cares about him. (Albedo’s “About Albedo – Socializing” voiceline).

Is Albedo a homunculus?

5 *Albedo May Not Be Human But Rather A Homunculus

The reasoning exists beyond the fact that Albedo is an alchemist capable of creating life from inorganic materials.

Is Albedo dating sucrose? It is Sucrose’s most popular and Albedo’s second most popular ship. Kaebedo is currently Albedo’s most popular pairing. However, Kaeberose, the polyamorous relationship between Kaeya, Albedo and Sucrose also exists.

Is Albedo impostor still alive?

Albedo’s conversation at the end of Act III was both an elaborate prank and an indication to the Traveler that he is satisfied with his current life. Primordial Albedo is alive and has assumed a likely-deceased Joserf’s identity.

Is Albedo made of chalk? During Act 1 of the Princeps Cretaceus story, Albedo mentions he is born “of chalk” rather than earth and therefore is “free of impurities.” Additionally, Albedo compares himself to the Traveler in the sense they are “both composed of a substance that has yet to be fully defined.”

Is Albedo a clone?

After plenty of misdirection and unfortunate incidents, such as an unexpected avalanche, the thief is eventually discovered to be a clone of Albedo. The clone is distinguished by a missing star mark on his neck and his subtle differences in character.

Who is the villain in Overlord anime? Tsaindorcus Vaision, also known as the Platinum Dragon Lord, is the main antagonist of Overlord and Ainz Ooal Gown’s arch-enemy. He is one of the Dragon Lords of the New World who seeks to eliminate the “Players” from YGGDRASIL, deeming them to be dangerous threats to the world he guards.

Is Albedo a villain? Albedo is the former assistant of Azmuth, the Omnitrix’s creator, and a supporting antagonist from the Ben 10 series. As of “For a Few Brains More”, Albedo is now trapped in Ben Tennyson’s eleven-year-old form.

Who is the traitor in Overlord?

Personality. Since he is a demon, Demiurge is considered to be one of the cruelest members in Nazarick, taking great joy in the suffering of other races. Not just this, but he was also programmed to act that way in his character setting by Ulbert.

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