What is the most profitable workshop in Bannerlord?

Here are some spots worth considering when looking to build the best workshops in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord:

  • Askar -> Grain – Brewery (2 villages)
  • Sanala -> Grain – Brewery (3 villages)
  • Baltakhand -> Wool – Wool Weavery (1 village)
  • Chaikand -> Grain – Brewery (2 villages)
  • Epicrotea -> Iron Ore – Smithy (1 villlage)

Beside this, Do workshops make more money over time Bannerlord? Workshops bring more and more money as time passes and your clan level rises. So don’t worry: if your early earnings at workshops are smaller than expected, they will significantly increase in time.

What does each workshop produce Bannerlord? Wool Weavery, which produces garments from wool. Tannery, which produces leather and light armors from hides. Wood Workshop, which produces bows, arrows and shields from hardwood. Smithy, which produces weapons and armor from iron ore, as well as tools from hardwood.

In this regard, What is the best way to make money in Bannerlord?

Table of Contents

  1. 1) Prioritise Trade during character creation.
  2. 2) Limit spending on the essentials.
  3. 3) Recruit a cost-effective escort party.
  4. 4) Only engage what you can catch at a profit.
  5. 5) Start trading Aserai horses.
  6. 6) Avoid hiring companions too early.
  7. 7) Build your first workshop.
  8. 8) Get a caravan going.

Do caravans make money Bannerlord?

The amount of income will depend on the economy, where they’re originating from, the towns they visit, and the goods they’re selling. But on average you can expect to earn at least 500 gold a day after subtracting upkeep.

How much do caravans make in Bannerlord? The answer is simple – yes, it’s worth creating a caravan. One caravan can earn over 1000 gold pieces per day. This is done without your participation – you don’t oversee the caravan in any way. Also, you don’t have to deliver any goods for sale.

What are the best troops in Bannerlord? 10 Best Units In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

  • 3 Imperial Bucellarii.
  • 4 Khuzait Khan’s Guard. …
  • 5 Aserai Mameluke Heavy Cavalry. …
  • 6 Battanian Fian Champion. …
  • 7 Sturgian Heroic Line Breaker (Ulfhednar) …
  • 8 Vlandian Voulgier. …
  • 9 Khuzait Darkhan. …
  • 10 Imperial Legionary. …

How many workshops can I have in Bannerlord? Your clan rank also limits the number of workshops you can operate (ie. clan rank 5 = 6 workshops in total). As for which types of workshops to build, you have to take note of the types of resources being produced in a main settlement’s “bound villages.” Simply head to a town and click on the trade menu.

What is salt used for in Bannerlord?

Salt is a non-consumable trade good found in all games in the Mount&Blade series. It can be found at the goods vendor in towns and villages. Strictly a trade item, salt is not used in any productive enterprises in Warband. Salt can be bought very cheaply in Wercheg and sold at a premium in nearby Rivacheg.

How do I sell my workshop in Bannerlord? How to Sell or Change a Workshop in Bannerlord. This task is extremely simple click on the (Clan) tab on the bottom next to the (Kingdom) tab go to (other) and click on the workshop you want to sell or change, it will then say (sell) or (change production).

How do you make a successful caravan in Bannerlord?

How to start Bannerlord caravans

  1. Find a free NPC companion and 15000 denars of seed money.
  2. Find a town as your caravan base, preferable one you own.
  3. In your chosen town, mouse over the important people in the top-right and choose a merchant.
  4. Tell them “I want to start a caravan in this town.”

How do you get passive income in Bannerlord?

How do you make the most money with caravans in Bannerlord?

The most important skill for a caravan leader is Trade, followed by Steward, Tactics, and Scout. Trade will see them make more money from transactions, Steward gives caravans more guards. Tactics will make their caravan more likely to win battles you’re not there for.

Can I change caravan leader Bannerlord?

Googled and found this answer: “Just go into your Clan Tab, navigate over to Parties, and then click on Caravans. Select the companion leading the group and click Disband Party.”

What are Battanians good at? Battanian troops are highly specialized in infantry-focused combat. They might struggle to deal with opposing heavy cavalry combined with horse archers, but they are stronger against slower enemies fighting on foot.

What is the best Sturgian troop? Sturgian Heavy Axemen

They are probably the best troop in the game for besieging enemies due to those two things alone, but they also have 130 Skill in throwing. All in all, this troop embodies everything that Sturgia is in a soldier: resilient, strong and deadly.

What is the strongest infantry in Bannerlord?

In terms of troops proficient in two-handed weapons, the Battanian Fian Champion is the ultimate winner. These are excellent shock troops with a two-handed skill level of 220, far higher than the next highest at 150.

What does flax turn into Bannerlord? Flax: Linen weavery ⇒ Clothing. Wool: Wool weavery ⇒ Clothing. Clay: Pottery shop ⇒ Pottery. Rawhide: Tannery ⇒ Light armour/Leather.

How do you get couch Lance on Bannerlord?

While you’re riding a mount, press the X key. When you have a Couch Lance weapon equipped in your hand, you can start lowering the lance during horse charge. Ride faster, accelerate and press the X key. Your character will couch the lance.

What do companion parties do in Bannerlord? Once you give the companion parties a command they will do as you say and nothing else. The mod will switch off their AI so they can’t take any actions other than the ones you give them. If you tell them to stay in a town they will stay in that town until the end of time.

How do you get kids in Bannerlord?

The key to having a child is spending some time with your spouse. This can either be done by having them in your party or by visiting the castle or settlement you’ve assigned them to and waiting there for a while. Currently, it’s rather hard to pinpoint the exact amount of time required.

What is flax Bannerlord? Flax Bundles are a trade good used in Mount&Blade: Warband as a raw material for a linen weavery to produce linen. Flax can be cheaply purchased in Sargoth and sold for high amounts in Durquba. A much faster, but less profitable endeavor, is to buy flax from Praven and sell it to Suno.

Can you buy a workshop?

Buying a Workshop is very easy, but you have to prepare an amount of 13,000 gold pieces. Travel to any city and look for one of the Workshops – Brewery, Tannery, Pottery, Linen Weavery or Olive Press. Then talk to a character named Shop Worker. This character may sell you the Workshop property.

Where do you put caravans in Bannerlord?

How do you marry in Bannerlord?

How to marry in Bannerlord

  1. Find a noble of the opposite gender (in the base game). …
  2. Inform them that you wish to marry them.
  3. Have a successful conversation with them. …
  4. Wait a few in-game days before having a second successful conversation.
  5. Propose marriage.
  6. Get your partner’s liege’s approval by giving them gifts.

Do caravans increase trade skill Bannerlord? If they do gain trade skill, it is negligible gains. Considering that it is profit-margin based and the ai caravans probably don’t deal in horses, most likely.

Can you make money from caravans? In a word: yes. You can make money renting out a caravan. However, the actual amount you can make is dependent on several factors. These include the size of the caravan (e.g. 2-berth, 4-berth, etc.), the type of caravan (static, campervan, motorhome), the time of year (peak or off-peak) and even your location.

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