Windows 11 update enhances automatic HDR settings for gaming PCs

Windows 11 update enhances automatic HDR settings for gaming PCs

Microsoft has announced a Windows 11 HDR update that makes tuning high dynamic range on gaming PCs easier than ever. Auto HDR Enhancement adds a number of new settings features, some of which are now available on platforms running the OS.

This update beautifies automatic HDR on Windows 11, a feature that provides a high level of gameplay for games The latest version of the Xbox Game Bar adds the ability to adjust HDR intensity with a slider, which you can now toggle on and off in the overlay app this function. If you’ve never used Microsoft’s console theme kit on your PC, you can access it using the Win+G keyboard shortcut.

If you’re a Windows Insider, you can also try two other automatic HDR settings in the Xbox Game Bar. Program members with multiple graphics cards can take advantage of multi-GPU compatibility, which adds support for Nvidia SLI and AMD CrossFire configurations. Beta users can now also customize automatic HDR notifications, which may help prevent distractions during gameplay.

Auto HDR is exclusive to Microsoft’s latest operating system, so if you want to improve the quality of your favorite Steam games, you’ll need to install Windows 11. While the new OS includes a bunch of gaming PC goodies like DirectStorage, load times are faster and users seem to stick with what they know and opt for the Windows 10 update. Still, the company called the new software “the smoothest upgrade ever,” and most of its employees now use the platform on a variety of PCs.

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