Wu-Tang is for kids playing Fortnite

Wu-Tang is for kids playing Fortnite

Here are two indisputable facts: Wu-Tang is for kids, and many kids play Fortnite. Maybe with that in mind, it’s not that weird for the Wudang clan to come to Fortnite, but… well, no, it’s definitely weird. This week, Fortnite launched a collection of Wudang-themed outfits, as well as real-life merchandise based on those outfits.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Hear from RZA, who offered the press release with an all-time quote: “Fortnite has been in my house for years. It’s been a pleasure and a joy to watch the game evolve and become a pastime at the same time. This collaboration is a multi-generational ‘drip’ and Cool. If what you’re saying is true, Fortnite and Wu-Tang could be Fortangerous…”

The Wu-Tang outfit will go live in the Fortnite Merchandise Store on Saturday, April 23rd at 5pm PDT/8pm ET or April 24th at 1am (BST). You can buy the Throwback BG and BRITE costumes yourself, or the Wu Wear set, which includes emojis, banners, sprays, and loading screens. You can also pick up the Wu-Tang is Forever emote, because of course you can.

You can check out all these items for yourself on the official website.

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