Battlefield 2042 Review

Battlefield 2042 Review

Battlefield 2042 Review


What is it? The latest work in the long-running series of massively multiplayer war shooting games.
Estimated payment: 60 USD/50 GBP
Developer: dice
Publisher: EA
Comment time: Intel Core i5-9600K, 16GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super
multiplayer game? Yes, up to 128 players. The robot can play single-player and cooperative games.
Association: Official website

I’m not sure if the random tornadoes in Battlefield 2042 can roll up vehicles until my team’s ATV is inhaled by one person. When we fell into the sky, I had to make a choice: ride it on the gunner’s seat or eject it? I was released on bail. Our driver has been sitting on the steering wheel, believing that “all terrain” includes the sky. Two seconds later, the car fell into the field like a bomb, burning him to ashes.

Even after two decades of simplification, the battlefield still has a good time for comedy. Even though the modern FPS scene is now full of large maps and whimsical vehicle physics (hi, Halo Infinite), the battlefield still feels very different from the milsims and battle royale games that surround it. In Battlefield 2042, DICE’s status as the king of large-scale military pranks is more convincing than in Battlefield 5, abandoning single-player games and focusing on the two original pillars of the series: goal-based multiplayer and scale. The 64-player games of the past 20 years are now 128-player games, with a larger map scale, returning the battlefield to the category of games that breaks technological boundaries.

The increased area is not a comprehensive improvement to the battlefield experience, but if it is wrong to make PC games bigger and more complex without designing for all possible consequences, then I don’t want to be right. This is a bolder battlefield than we have had for a long time, and my research on the pros and cons of its wide-ranging changes and sloppy new ideas is more interesting than my arguing about Battlefield 5’s average time-kill should be.

It feels like Swedish minimalism has won here.

There are some trend chases here, but its handling is better than last time. The Firestorm battle royale mode, which was finally doomed at the time, was airdropped to Battlefield 5 after its release. From the beginning, “Battlefield 2042” included the danger zone, which is a more coherent four-player squad mode. It is similar to Hunt: Showdown, where multiple teams enter a map, compete to grab the theme MacGuffins, and then try to leave alive, but the stakes are lower and bayou is reduced by 100%. In contrast, this is superficial and lacks a real reason to care about surviving in a dangerous area, but once the Tornado Squad and I have mastered the tricks of finding rebirth and vehicle calls and using our professional skills to keep each other alive-another of Battlefield 2042 A modernization-we began to engage in interesting and protracted battles with other teams, resurrecting and resurrecting each other like them.

On the left side of the danger zone of the main menu, Total War includes the standard large team warfare in the battlefield: the classic capture mode and breakthrough of conquer points, and the simple but interesting attacker and defender mode. Finally, on the right side of the menu is Portal, which is a tool for creating and hosting custom game modes. It contains maps, guns, gadgets and vehicles from “Battlefield 2042”, as well as from “Battlefield 1942″, ” A pile of materials for Battlefield Company 2 and Battlefield 3. It cannot replace modified and customized dedicated servers, but these ships are already sailing for massively multiplayer games. Even Back 4 Blood, the successor of Left 4 Dead, has no mod support. As a compromise, Portal is a powerful tool that can even be used to enhance the experience of working with friends. I hope every large field service shooter can steal it.

(Image source: EA)

Space to stretch

“Battlefield 2042” has a lot to experience, but it feels like Sweden’s minimalism has won here. Outside of the fine accessibility and graphics settings, the menu feels sparse. There are fewer guns that can be unlocked than usual (though I will never use some of them), a simpler process system, and no battle pass. The only additional EA currently on sale is a one-year pass, promising that four new experts will bring exclusive gadgets and privileges to the battle. Menu and microtransaction hygiene is largely a good thing, although it’s a bit cold, and the disturbing music hits—no inspiring horns here, only ominous pops—are not appealing. “Battlefield 2042” is heavily inclined to the mood of climate disaster.

However, the world of 2042 is full of eye floaters. Most of the time I forget that there is a fictitious war going on, and then Russian voices will mention Western imperialism, which will briefly become the focus. The point is that we are “No-Pats”, which is a fictitious term referring to stateless mercenaries fighting for the United States and Russia at a series of climate change flashpoints. One map is half desert and half agriculture, separated by a wall in the middle, and the other map takes place around the Antarctic oil rig.

(Image source: EA)

Even at the medium setting, I hovered at 80 to 100 fps on the RTX 2070 Super, the sunlight and atmosphere of the battlefield are still very good. When I was trapped in Qatar in the sandstorm of an hourglass for the first time, I felt short of breath sympathetically and worried that I had overlooked some kind of gas mask project.

However, in infantry warfare, the magnificent scenery is equivalent to a large patch of mud, grass or sand filling the space between landmarks, sometimes without much cover. The new vehicle call system makes it very difficult for you to really get into trouble-during the cool-down period, you can ask me to assume it is a rail parking garage, but if you accidentally spawn on AFK, it may happen long distances through undisputed Territory teammates. I missed that downtime. The generation of teams and vehicles in the Battlefield series consumes a lot of aerobic exercise. Sometimes I want to take a break from shooting and take a moment to be surprised that the little dots running around on top of skyscrapers in the distance are the knowledge of other players. I Some of the awe I felt when I first played “Battlefield 1942” are reproduced here.

(Image source: EA)

This also means that the map has been restored to a rougher form than the 64-person map we got from the 64-person map that DICE spent nearly 20 years designing. The skyscrapers and facilities in Battlefield 2042 are hardly as detailed or distinctive as the French castles in Battlefield 1 or the magnificent St. Lawrence Church in Battlefield 5. In Valparaiso in Bad Company 2, tanks can blast large holes in the sides of buildings, but the new map of Battlefield 2042 protects the small bunkers there by making most buildings indestructible. Some of these returns are disappointing, but I can’t think of a better reason to make sacrifices in battlefield games than to make sacrifices in the name of huge.

Reach point

In “Conquer”, two teams of 64 people compete for control points in the same way they have done for 20 years by standing near the flag until the flag changes color. However, points can now appear in two or three clusters, forming sectors that provide some structure to the giant map. I can easily duel in a sector with a whole game. Completely different war stories were staged on the rocket launch pad, and as far as I know, I repeatedly died on the grassy hills. Winning as a team in conquest often feels like a secondary goal in a battlefield game, especially here.

Therefore, it feels strange that Battlefield 2042 pays more attention to the team than its predecessors. It does not have a traditional scoreboard, where you can see how you are fighting against your teammates and enemies. Instead, you get a squad-centric view that emphasizes cooperation and does not display the number of deaths. I miss my comparison with others very much. This is basic, but letting personal statistics rise is a powerful narcotics.

(Image source: EA)

When I was talking about Discord in a semi-coordination group (there was no built-in VOIP at launch, and I would not use it on Discord anyway), I could better understand the reasons behind this decision. I gave up playing Battlefield 5 with friends, because we are always at both ends of the map, but in Battlefield 2042, I have been able to play with my teammates at a more efficient rhythm. Give me something useful and I will want to use it. This is how the new professional gadget encourages me to play small teams. So far, I like to use reconnaissance drones and transparent fortifications to provide intelligence to my crew to hide behind.

However, the needs of single players don’t stop there. Sundance’s wing suit was an explosion. They can jump out of helicopters or skyscrapers and maneuver in the air like manta rays. It is not as satisfying as skiing in a tribal game. It essentially uses a bug to accelerate forever, but if you master its physics, you can keep them flying in the air for a long time. Mackay’s grappling hook is useful in fewer situations, but it also adds to the inner fun of clever movement. Once, I threw a smoke bomb on a shipping crate, pulled up the top of it, and jumped into my plume like a stage magician, leaving a team that could swear I was farther away Surprised a few seconds ago.

Guns and loading

Battlefield games are like Tony Hawk’s professional skater, because a lot of the fun comes from linking together impossible physical feats in a seemingly pre-planned way, even if you are actually on the verge of failing.One problem I often encounter in battlefield games is that they can also Precarious. When I died after death due to random accidents (such as someone laying eggs or parachuting behind me), I started to feel that I was just there for other players to play the game.

However, when I was in the squad mindset, maintaining the combo counter in my imagination became a team project that would not be interrupted by a single death. If the enemy summons a vehicle that I can’t handle to drop, I’ll start to make a plan to help my team use whatever I bring to keep our mix, even if it just means hiding until they can spawn me. This is not a new experience in “Battlefield”, but “Battlefield 2042” has made some clever changes to simplify and clarify the team dynamics.

The most fundamental change is the decoupling of utility tools from gun selection. This is the right decision. The sub-category system of “Battlefield 5” is unnecessarily complicated. Although it makes sense to limit the main weapons by category when the series began with Battlefield 1942, the rock, paper, scissors and medic dynamics are far less complicated. Multiply this chaos by whatever factors you assign to weaponized robotic dogs and women who can scan through walls for enemies, and the free-form mix and match feel of Battlefield 2042 is essential. The ammunition capacity adjustment also feels just right, so putting an ammunition box in one of my loads is useful enough so that it doesn’t feel like a downgrade next to toys like rocket launchers and anti-aircraft missiles.

Regarding guns, I like that assault rifles are not like the default stars. Their poor performance in the long-range engagements that are common on the big map of Battlefield 2042 (maybe too bad now) means that dragging the LMG around no longer feels contrived. If you are trapped in an open space, the shooter and sniper rifle still have difficulty fighting back, which can be frustrating. I am a reformed battlefield sniper, so I understand why they do this, but unless I promise to counter sniper, it is difficult to enjoy the fun of fighting high-powered spots on the horizon. Regarding the controversial scoreboard changes, one thing I like is that players no longer earn points for remote kills, eliminating the digital satisfaction of spending a whole round trying to hit people…

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