Bonfire Peak Review

Bonfire Peak Review

Bonfire Peak Review


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What is it? A Sokoban puzzle game where you can burn boxes of items in a voxel-style forest climbing.
Expect to pay 20 USD/15.49 GBP
Developer: Corey Martin
Publisher: Draknick and friends
Comment time: Windows 10, Intel Core i5-8300H, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1050
multiplayer game? No
Association: Official website

When I was sitting on the snow on the top of the campfire, I thought about the last part of my journey: failing to complete the game. I have been exploring such a tricky puzzle, and I want to pack it all and move it to the woods, but it ends here. No matter what the protagonist wants to find by burning all his property to end, he will not succeed, nor will I.

The setup is simple. Our unnamed protagonist has gone to the woods to burn his belongings. Your job is to push, drop, or slide his crates full of things into the fire. In this voxel world of block y, you can only turn forward, backward or in place. The crates (or any squares) you are holding will also swing as you turn, so space is key. The early puzzles simply set how to navigate you, using as much space as possible for each puzzle.

With the development of Bonfire Peaks, it introduced new elements-longer bricks, a conveyor belt like a stream, and the Indiana Jones pressure trap in it. Unlike the smooth start of the game, the introduction of these more complex puzzle elements can feel destructive.

(Image source: Draknick)

For example, for long bricks, I encountered them as bridges for the first time in the main world. So in the next puzzle, I build on this idea and try to build a bridge between myself and my box. It was not fully achieved, so I tried repeatedly-trying different versions of the same idea. Every time I failed, until I finally realized that I needed these bricks to push the crate.

It seems obvious to try another strategy, but the puzzle in Campfire Peak is Tricky. Failure several times is a necessary part of finding the correct way through troubleshooting.So building a garbage bridge doesn’t mean me no A bridge should be built.

As you climb through the forest-covered main world, you will encounter remnants of life that you might want to leave. The huge calculator and bulky TV said “I am burning all my property to escape from nature”, but other elements indicate that something more tragic may have happened. However, the distribution of a large number of obvious symbols suggests a story, not sentimentality. With more random assets-including a bunch of inexplicable sliced ​​watermelons during the climax of the game-the effect is distracting.

Your travel in the forest will take you through different biomes, which adds a sense of progress to the whole journey, especially these areas provide new and different experiences for the puzzle mechanisms you encountered before. The person who climbed behind the waterfall must have changed from the person who parked the car first at the foot of the mountain. The music is subtly transformed, and the soft focus background of the puzzle changes from red leaves to ancient buildings to burning lava. When did it start to snow? Of course, hasn’t it snowed?

(Image source: Draknick)

The game has a meditative quality-enter this area with puzzles and let the music fade away as you concentrate

There is a narrative in overcoming difficulties, in the transition between different areas of the forest, when you are scrambling to climb the peak.In contrast, scattered Influence I felt distracted afterwards, as if the game was worried that players would be dissatisfied without being told why they were there. Maybe I am a little too close to changing my name and escaping from this country, but I have accepted the catharsis provided.

The best effect is the dedicated “sit down” button.The game has a meditative quality-enter this area with puzzles, and let the music fade away as you concentrate-and you can choose sit Bring it into that universe. Watch your character put down his mission and lean back when there is room to look at the sky, or sit up curled up and hug his knees. The simplicity of the voxel art style adds extra charm to it.

Bonfire Peaks’s caring that is neither frustrated nor condescending contributes to its meditative feeling. You only need to complete a few puzzles in each area to make progress, although completing more puzzles does open up more areas. A careless mistake can be undone with the tap of a button—or take advantage of an error that triggers the “aha” moment—if you want, you can undo all the way back to the beginning of the puzzle. You can even undo the puzzle reset and regain all your previous hard work. Keeping you in your own element is a careful balance.

(Image source: Draknick)

However, this consideration backfired to me.I found more and more that when I walked through the forest, there was obviously something I don’t understand, some basic parts of puzzle logic. In some areas, I put aside a lot of puzzles because I can’t even see a way to experiment, let alone find a solution.

There were hints like this in the early days of the game. Until I complete different puzzles in the same area and learn a new “trick”, a puzzle has no meaning at all. But as I approached the end of the game, there seemed to be something fundamentally missing, as if I hadn’t learned how to pick up the box. So when I reached the climax of the game, I found myself unable to complete the puzzle to make the final climb. When I later shared the solution with me, it turned out that I had been rebuilding the bad bridge: I didn’t master the mechanics of the late game, so I only learned the wrong way to read the puzzles.

Any single puzzle in Bonfire Peaks is great—in fact, excellent—crafted with care, using each part of the puzzle map to resolve necessary bottlenecks, obstructing heights, or accurately upgrading stairs as needed. Its world is beautiful, and as a collection of puzzles, it is very smart. If only its uneven progress and conscious story addition did not make climbing so difficult.

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