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Clever escape comment

Clever escape comment

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What is it? A story-driven musical sci-fi rock opera through space.
release date Come out now.
Expect to pay 15 GBP / 20 USD
Developer Beethoven and Dinosaurs
Publisher Annapurna Interactive
Review date AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Radeon RX 5700 XT, 8GB RAM
multiplayer game No
Associate Official website

Francis Vendetti is a bit old-fashioned in art. He is a teenage musical prodigy who has the opportunity to inherit the legacy of his late uncle, a legendary folk singer who can sing poetry with the sound of a few guitars. But Francis’ music ambition lies in a different type of music-cosmic music. He dreams that rock riffs are so epic, they will span multiple dimensions, and the jam is so extreme that it creates rifts in the entire galaxy.

The Artful Escape is a story-driven platform adventure that tells the journey of Francis’ rock star. In his quiet Colorado township, the community expects him to continue his uncle’s musical heritage and plans to host a debut show to kick off his career. But on the night of the show, he was taken on a strange interstellar adventure that helped him discover his new psychedelic stage role.

When Francis began to traverse the kaleidoscope planet that straddles the deepest part of the galaxy, something still links him to his uncle—an identity he cannot escape. These two roles allow our musical genius to be caught in the middle, a musician caught between two worlds.

(Image source: Annapurna Interactive)

In Francis’s quest to establish the most exquisite stage character ever seen in the world, you will see the magical and mysterious journey of colorful landscapes, as well as the interference of various interstellar beasts and creatures. You will impress the owner of the celebrity nightclub, light up the interstellar cave disco, and shock the alien civilization with your new rhythm.

It couldn’t be easier to slide down the snow-capped mountains and perform an epic solo in the air slashing and kicking.

As you traverse levels, it’s more about staged epic performances than platforms. As you prance in the world, you can prompt Francis to start shredding his guitar, which will illuminate the world around him as he travels. Plants and flowers are shining in the light, stars are broken into fireworks, and creatures burst into life-this is a duet between you and the environment.

Playing the guitar is just for visual and auditory satisfaction, most of each level is just that you run to the left and occasionally jump on the platform. There are many things happening around you, this is a spectacular spectacle, you can sit back and enjoy the journey. It couldn’t be easier to slide down the snow-capped mountains and perform an epic solo in the air slashing and kicking.

(Image source: Annapurna Interactive)

Sometimes Francis has to perform on stage, whether in a performance or to impress the almighty (but very critical of music) alien overlord, no big deal. This is where the music production mechanism comes into play, allowing you to imitate button combinations in a call and response style. It is essentially a musical “Simon Says”, but it hasn’t really changed throughout the story-you will do the same things in the tutorial in the spectacular final performance. All the heavy work is done by the audio-visual feast.

Guitar hero

Testing the player’s ability to copy flashing color patterns is not the real focus of The Artful Escape. Chopping a guitar in a rich orchestral soundscape is so easy, anyone can do it. This is a heartfelt love letter to music, which is not surprising, because this game is led by the real rock star Johnny Galvatron, the former head of the rock band The Galvatrons. You can feel the love for music in every chord you discard. No guitar solo sounds the same, which is quite a feat in a five-hour game.

(Image source: Annapurna Interactive)

Join Jingpotian’s epic guitar music is an eclectic star-studded cast, each actor plays his own cosmic weird. Jason Schwarzman voices a rigid floating brain in a jar, Mark Strong as an interstellar music producer, and Carl Weathers brings Francis’ eccentric mentor and space guide to life, in “Game of Thrones” Lena Headly created a magnificent, if terrible, almighty cosmic entity. Every voice is perfectly integrated into the world, and the performance of each actor matches the energy of their character’s crazy design.

But under the sensational cast, the dazzling world and the awesome howling of the guitar, it is a truly sincere story. The Artful Escape’s musical guitar technique has never reached the height of its stunning visual effects, but Francis’ journey of self-discovery is universal-he happens to be part of a spectacular laser-powered light show that will make you dizzy.

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