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Far Cry 6 comments

Far Cry 6 comments


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What is it? The open world action FPS is set on the fictional Caribbean island of Yarra.
release October 7, 2021
Expect to pay 60 USD/50 GBP
Developer Ubisoft
Publisher Ubisoft
Review date Intel i7-9700F, RTX 2070 Super, 32GB RAM
multiplayer game? Two people working together
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The fictional island of Yara is both beautiful and predictable. There are sunny beaches, friendly locals offering street food that you are not allowed to buy in some way, and sharks in the water wanting to bite you.The music you hear at home and in the car is optimistic, the air is filled with a continuous party atmosphere, you can see wild horses Actually ride.

This is where Yara’s uniqueness ends. For me, a disturbed sense of imitation begins. Although Ubisoft is determined to make Giancarlo Esposito’s tyrant Antón Castillo feel like a real and credible threat, he is more like an ironic mashup of Franco and Castro. He is definitely a bad guy. He has a vision of his country above all else—even his family, as he often reminds his son and protégé Diego—but there is a two-dimensional atmosphere that I cannot shake. We will come back to him later.

Curse or cure?

Far Cry 6 is a classic Far Cry game. You started as a loser, quickly gained the nickname of a hero, and escaped some brutal bastards who are destroying the lives of the locals and making his dreams a reality. In this case, he made Viviro, a smoking cancer treatment method. Viviro was bred and produced by slaves from Yara-Castillo labeled them Outcasts and Fake Yarans, setting the tone for us and them in the opening sequence of the game.

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Just like its predecessors, you can climb on cliffs and buildings-I know this is truly revolutionary-use your phone to track enemies and their weaknesses, this is the first time, simple Put your weapon on the ground so you don’t look like Super Sue is running around with a sniper rifle. Ubisoft draws on the invisibility mechanism of Assassin’s Creed. As long as you and your holster are not too close to the guard or behave suspiciously, you can pass the checkpoint without violence. It can also act as an invisible mechanic, where you can stroll to a car, quickly take out your pistol and assassinate the driver before stealing a prison truck.

When you find the anti-aircraft guns, you also need to destroy them, otherwise, you won’t be able to fly around Yara-or advance the story in some parts. There are still the usual animal hunting missions, and new Criptograma treasure chests that lead to unique equipment.

Very similar to “Far Cry 5”, you can choose to play as female or male Dani Rojas, although you cannot customize their appearance-unless you encounter the same error I encountered after using the photo mode, Dani is stuck Unfortunately winking/cheeky tongue combination in an hour or so cutscene. Dani is an orphan who was previously recruited into Yara’s army, so he is familiar with the people who fight for the president and the country-and knows that not everyone is bad.

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She started like many losers: she didn’t know what she really believed. When she began to understand the plight of the people and the suffering of Diego in the hands of his father, we saw changes in her alliance and her core beliefs became firmer. Family—whether through blood or friendship—is the core theme of Far Cry 6. Considering her history, Dani strives to reconcile.

Guerrilla radio

In the first few hours of “Far Cry 6”, you will hear the word “guerrilla” too many times. The veteran guerrilla player Juan Carlos will teach you how to become a guerrilla and the guerrilla rules for success in guerrilla warfare. This is repetitive, yes, this is the typical way the game treats revolutionaries as comics, but he at least gives you one major game changer: Supremo.

In the first few hours of “Far Cry 6”, you will hear the word “guerrilla” too many times

Supremo is like an ugly backing, bringing too much power to the battle. You can combine it with weapons to cause terrible damage to your opponents when you see fit. You will start with a combination of flamethrower and rocket launcher, which sounds stupid and OP. My advice?With flame retardant gloves-just like in Far Cry 5, the whole environment will be on fire, it took me Greatly Died in the fire for too long. Later, you will unlock another Supremo, which will launch an EMP attack, destroying security systems and vehicles. When you are chased by cars, trucks, and helicopters, you will understand why this comes in handy.

There are other stupid but effective weapons available in the game, such as CD Launcher that may blow up Macarena. In general, the battle is as good as ever. You can sneak out the enemies with melee kills or headshots, or use all guns and Supremos to burn. You can modify weapons on the workbench, add better sights, silencers and ammunition types, change their appearance and add some trinkets. There is also the blood dragon equipment of the season pass, which is very out of date in Yara, with the Kobracon sniper rifle-which is also bad by the way-and your friendly metal friend K-9000.

(Image source: Ubisoft)

This is the life of a dog

Speaking of friends, no one will follow you in Far Cry 6, but you will meet a group of healthy animal companions. There is also the cute Chorizo​​, a little dachshund sitting in a wheelchair, it will distract the enemy and let you sneak past.Yes all my guns Do There is a small sausage bone amulet, thank you for your inquiry. There are also Chicharrón, a lively rooster, and Guapo, a crocodile, who will screw up your enemies. Friends are very effective on the court and add some gratifying comedic effects to the battle. It’s really interesting to take a headshot of an enemy and turn around to see a puppy biting a person’s face.

As I said before, you can still find and ride wild horses, and you can pet and feed various wild animals near Yala. If you don’t like horseback riding, you can fly a helicopter, various land and sea vehicles, and even fly an airplane. Most of my planes crashed within a few seconds-I am obviously not destined to be a pilot-but it is still fun to visit Yarra from a high altitude, imagine you are spending almost two years of life in hell A pleasant Caribbean vacation.

(Image source: Ubisoft)

Sadly, these vehicles drive very badly-they don’t turn left or right enough when turning, and it feels like your perspective is not focused enough, as if your head is a little out of the window.Every car-even horse-feels Greatly Too fast, even if the sensitivity is turned down.

You just tripped over this huge, deadly backpack, tripped over by dogs, roosters, and trash

When playing the game on 2070 Super, I also encountered some crashes and errors, such as strange facial errors and some floating NPCs. For whatever reason, the whites of the eyes around the iris of each character will not maintain a solid color, so unless each character takes drugs, there will be problems here.

There are also some strange parts in the camp that allow you to play in the third person. It’s like you can’t jump in Mass Effect. Instead, you just stagger in this huge, deadly backpack and trip over dogs, roosters, and garbage. Speaking of the camp, there is a new Los Bandidos mission in which you can send Yaran leaders to complete different missions-a bit like the way the war table missions of the Dragon Age Inquisition work. You can assign a leader to the task, and then after a certain period of time, you can choose what method they use to complete the task, depending on the leader’s privileges. It is not clear how it or the cooperative model contributes to the story unless more resources and pesos are collected, but they are still a good way to distract attention.

(Image source: Ubisoft)

It will not be a Far Cry game without some twists and turns, although I will not spoil this review. Betrayal is at the core of Far Cry 6, from Castillo’s deception to the world about how Viviro was planted and manufactured, to the dissatisfaction within the guerrillas and Danny’s relationship with the regime. A lot of betrayals are foreseeable-after all, this is not my first time participating in a “Far Cry” rodeo-but there are enough surprises to make you happy. It’s also difficult to distinguish Castillo from Gus Flynn, played by Esposito—both are charming, double-faced, and ultimately an A-rated bastard—it depends on whether you like ” “Breaking Bad”, this will make his role more or less attractive.

Compared with the Joseph Seed of Far Cry 5, this villain is not so exaggerated and exaggerated; Castillo is also committed to his cause, which is for sure, but because of his power position, he is more traditional and realistic. He gave a disturbing light to what might happen in the world-Ubisoft seems to be keen to stay away from the “politics” of recognition-and emphasized that all the “good” things we receive could be modern slavery and corruption. the result of. The story of Far Cry 6 is nothing funny. On the contrary, when you are puzzled about the reality and the state of the world, it leaves a sour taste. For this reason, I definitely recommend you to play it. Well, in fact, you can pet about one million puppies.

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