Hammering reviews

Hammering reviews

Hammering reviews


My hall is almost ready, but there is a problem. I need four mortars to complete this job. The mortar is made using lime in the foundry. Lime is made from bone meal in an arcane workshop. Of course, bone meal is ground from the bones of dead enemies in the cave farm. The frustrating thing is that I have bones to make bone meal and lime to make mortars, but for some reason no one transports it. No, in fact, the /really/dispressing thing is that I seem to be lost in this cave and into a 90s adventure game.

Although sharing its item acquisition logic with Gabriel Knight 3, Hammerting is a game about dwarves living in caves. This is also a game about creating an incredibly complex supply chain to arm your allies in the main world and promote them to conquer your common enemy. A tutorial worth playing.

The dwarf fortress is self-evident here, but it is not imposing or sluggish. Its vertical ant farm perspective and cheerful mountain dwellers do conceal the level of complexity behind it, and anyone who is unwilling to start campaigning over and over again may want to sit down.

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My first management of Moch Naxrig is over. This is a strong society built in a tunnel on the side of a big mountain. When only one of my dwarves is unconscious due to hunger, my job is it’s over. By then, it is too late to find food sources, build a kitchen, or trade anything edible, so the fate of my society is doomed.

The second time I suffered from the humiliation of restarting the campaign occurred about two hours later.

This time it was, well, hungry, but I also definitely got my economy in trouble. I spent all my money on new employees. There was nothing in the vault. I could only wait for ten dwarves to spend their sweet time and build a house for myself. I need to use trade to strengthen diplomatic relations and help my friends in the world win battles with enemies, but I cannot produce until this task is completed. Then they began to lose consciousness due to hunger. again. I don’t understand why all my employees seem to be on a hunger strike with or without food, and I started again—again.

Finally, things became clear. It’s not just about placing new rooms and making new items, but also a smooth logistics network. My unfortunate workers starved to death not because there was no food on the mountain, but because they were not easily available.

(Image source: Team 17)

In the late game, when you have accumulated mountain knowledge and trade knowledge through exploration and world trading, railways and elevators will appear on the technology tree. The few squatting cave dwellers walk across the width of the map to eat fish left on the dock floor, which is different from transporting fish in carts on a rail network. This is the difference between hunger or survival.

Well, it is both a city builder and a direct management game or 4X. A game that likes a well-designed infrastructure, just like a new ingot type or diplomatic level. It is the fusion of ideas and genre staples that make Hammerting truly live long enough to withstand multiple restarts and a nearly constant state of confusion.


Fundamentally speaking, it makes sense to transform the cubic chaos of the mountainside into orderly and efficient work. Exploring its deeper range, killing the slimes and skeletons hidden under the tunnel you cultivated and uncovering the grottoes, there is also a real sense of miracle. The RPG-lite element of Hammerting is here, because the dwarves you send for exploration have their own equipment slots, clan affiliations, skills and personalities. This does not continue to the strategic level in a meaningful way-in fact they are interchangeable, and I never noticed the impact of their quarrels-but at least it is enough for you to invest in their well-being.

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Strangely, the only real condition for victory is to push the territory like a civilization or build strong allies, because 90% of your attention is spent on the mountainside, not the main world where those territorial borders and allies are located. Once it does click, all you do in the cave is to provide your partner with items that may help to win the battle or to be likable, and you will wonder whether it is worth building that infirmary, tailor, and intricate network after all It is scaffolding and stairs. Most of Hammerting’s rooms and resources—such as the aforementioned lobby and the nominal Hammertings themselves—feel redundant based on your real goals.

I think this is the result of the game. It allows you to play the game in your own way, maximize your foundation, and strive to create a comfortable corner for your people. But only after you reach the final stage will it become clear what is irrelevant and what is not. It was also at that time, not before that, did you realize that you had struggled with AI trends and mechanisms as hard as a real enemy.

(Image source: Team 17)

This is a game about long supply chains and careful resource management. AI farmers will not save a crop for replanting. This is a real problem. It’s easy to exhaust your food sources in this way, and then wonder why everyone is starving. It is also annoying that your dwarf lacks self-protection. Prioritize making a quill instead of eating, sleeping, or bringing some granite dust to the construction site I ordered about 20 minutes ago because it is on the other side of the map. There is a job broker screen, but it only allows you to patch certain types of activities, not personal micromanagement tasks that seem to have been overlooked for a long time.

So, for Warpzone Studios and myself, there is work to be done in the mountains. Hammerting’s lack of oiling the wheels of its impressive management hybrid car does not mean that this should be avoided. Just like my neighbors all over the world, I take something new and unusual to the same old stock every day.

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