King’s Gift 2 comments

King’s Gift 2 comments


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What is it? RPG and tactical combination.

Estimated payment: 50 USD / 44 GBP

Developer: 1C Entertainment

Publisher: 1C Entertainment, prime

Comment time: AMD FX-8350, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 32GB RAM

multiplayer game? No.

Association: Official website

King’s Bounty is a weird series, always more strategic than RPG, always more about tactics, cash maintenance and fighter moves than games about epic role-playing and exploration. In theory, King’s Bounty 2 wants to change this situation-making a story with the protagonist’s choice to influence the world. King’s Bounty 2 did just that, and it drew fun from it. Although it occasionally brings the fun of hexadecimal-based tactical combat, it will only waste you too much time wandering in an uncharming world full of boring people.

In King’s Bounty 2, you can choose one of three characters to complete the main story, and each character follows the same plot. After you are released from prison, your character will work for the king, who will forgive you for whatever reason, and then wander around trying to stop the fantasy magical apocalypse, because the wizard tells you that you are the chosen savior. This is definitely the swamp standard, nothing you have never seen before.

Then you go out and wander the world, do many side missions and battles. You don’t fight, remember, you stand aside and command your troops like a commander/cheerleader/magic artillery. These units fought in tactical battles, with five units dancing around the compact hexagonal arena.

(Image source: 1C Entertainment)

This is a useful battle, but the user interface has no benefits. The details are a predictable system: skeletons take less damage from arrows, fire attacks burn enemies over time, and spirit creatures are resistant to non-magical attacks. force. It barely showcases the interesting mechanics you want from modern tactical games, such as forced movement or battlefield manipulation.

So there is a system in the game to play, but nothing is too pleasant. In the end, this is not important, because every five minutes of good tactics, there will be ten minutes of RPG world wandering.

Your commander will gain experience over time, gain statistics that strengthen your troops and magic power to blow up enemies. The troops themselves gain experience and come from a customizable roster, divided into four factions: order, anarchy, power, and skill. This is also the four principles followed by the characters in the game, the division of power, and the attribution of task branches. They are the alignment of King’s Bounty, equivalent to Paragon and Renegade of Mass Effect, and they are consistent with the possible ending of the story. This is a good contact, but if you want to be a polite, non-anarchic chaos necromancer, it might make you feel cold.

(Image source: 1C Entertainment)

It’s not that role-playing is really a bright spot—the dialogue has no branches, but that the choice is made by choosing one of two options during the task. In fact, your dialogue is fixed, so sometimes your character will say things you don’t like. If the characters are more interesting, this will not be a problem: for example, the mage Catherine is a bastard, the paladin Elise is depressingly naive, and the warrior Awar has no personality.

Not to mention bad writing and worse dubbing. I switched the game to Russian after ten hours, which greatly improved the experience. I don’t speak Russian: it’s great to stop a lot of hammy performances.

In fact, the whole game does not have much personality. This is a big mistake. The realistic art style is detailed, but in the end it looks like the high-end graphics of 2012, a bit of stylization would help a lot at the time-those who like the comic, fantasy and fairy tale style of the old king bounty game will be missed very much. The game is fun and has a little sense of humor, but like tactical combat, the boring part exceeds it.

(Image source: 1C Entertainment)

However, the design of the world itself is well-designed and is one of the real advantages of the entire game. Small details such as benches, gardens and crumbling statues can be seen everywhere, people wandering back and forth and having small conversations. It has a naturalistic style, such as studios, markets, etc. Ever wondered where the golem was made, or where the assassin’s guild hangs out between work? That is in the game. Although it lacks the fancy elements of other RPGs, such as day and night cycles and dynamic NPC behavior, the larger environment does have a real sense of life.

However, this is a static world for a reason: encounters are fixed. When you approach them, a golden ring will appear, and tactical enemies will emerge from the bushes or anywhere else, threatening to swing their swords at you. It is both funny and charming, and is very suitable for game mechanics. When you start fighting, the camera will shrink and the space around you will become a battlefield-this is a highlight in the tactical game.

However, all these beautiful environmental designs are wasted by too much hanging out, talking with people, and collecting garbage to sell at the supplier. Your character moves in a half-hearted jog, too slow to cover the ground, jerky, and unable to cross any type of obstacles. At the same time, you can jump on your horse, which is much faster, but handles like a stick of butter in narrow areas. All this is just a bit… slow and tedious. The environment looks big just for size. Just like the entire aesthetic of the game, people don’t know why things happened like this.

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