Cultists stand around a glowing totem in worship.

Lamb Worship Review

Lamb Worship Review


need to know

what is it? A game that incorporates “cult” into “schnitzel”
expect to pay $25/£19
release date August 11, 2022
developer huge monster
Publisher Devolver figures
audit date GeForce GTX 1650, AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 8 GB RAM
multiplayer game? Do not
association Official website

At first, it looked like it would be a very short game. It begins with you, like a cowering little lamb, led to death as a sacrifice. However, within ten minutes, you’ve taken violent revenge on your would-be murderer and pledged allegiance to the mysterious creature that brought you back to the land of the living. You start your own cult; a cult whose members are all super cute creatures.

If Tomnook craved power over money, this would be Animal Crossing. Like football, it’s a game of two halves. The first half deals with growing up, caring, and of course — instilling your cult. Before you get too ambitious, though, you need to get the basics done. Your cute little cultist needs food, a place to sleep, and a place to poop. Don’t give them the last one, they’ll do whatever they want in the field you’re developing.Well they Yes It’s an animal after all.

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The second half went into the first, and it was a great example of how every aspect of the game was meticulously woven together. There are four dungeons, and you’ll need to complete them to complete the narrative (in your quest to free those who resurrect you) and maintain your cult (where new followers and resources can be found). This part of the game is essentially a roguelike, with random weapons and rooms, as well as perks that can be unlocked. Combat is solid, if a little button shy at times when you get a quick but weak weapon. The default difficulty is very balanced, but you can change the difficulty at any time if you feel you need to increase (or decrease) the challenge.

However, the feedback loop sees that your actions in the settlement directly affect your progress in the dungeon. Frankly, the leveling system is genius. The basic idea is that the bigger and happier your sect is, the faster you can reap their piety (mainly holding a sermon per day), which is equivalent to XP. This in turn unlocks, directly or indirectly, the dungeon’s weapons, perks, and abilities; as well as blueprints for decorative and functional buildings designed for your denomination.

Increasing and maintaining everyone’s loyalty and beliefs is more complicated than you might think, but it never threatens to overwhelm. It can also be very fun. When the whole belief of my cult first descended to my first heresy, preaching to others against me, I was ready with the perfect way to deal with them. At this point, I’ve inculcated a cult that celebrates sacrifice and has quickly turned them into cannibalism (hey, no need to waste good meat). From then on, whenever there are heretics, I will “reward” them by offering sacrifices. They are no longer a problem, my cult beliefs have been elevated and there is something for dinner. Everyone is happy.

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The Worship of the Lamb is smart, beautifully designed, and has a sharp and interesting script.

Part of the progression system involves developing your cult teachings. While this is a binary either-or choice every time, it’s still a delightful way to decide how reasonable or evil you want to be, while gaining new perks in the process. For example, I want to make sure my followers respect seniors, and whenever my members reach a certain age, my faith is boosted. That’s enough to make up for cannibalism, right?

Your cult base isn’t the only non-combat place to explore. There are other (similarly small) locations that can be unlocked, offering side quests, resources, and things to buy. There is a dice game (knuckles) and very basic fishing to distract you. It’s a small world, but it’s actually a world that begs you to explore every corner of it.

where is the wool

However, there are even more to the worship of the Lamb. As the story completes, the dungeon really opens up and doesn’t end when you hit the previous boss room. You can keep going as long as you dare, and if you die, you risk losing a portion of what you’ve collected. Although, how long you play isn’t necessarily your choice. There is an enemy you can never completely defeat. time.

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In the form of a day/night cycle, the game has a gentle and constant pressure. Whether you’re in a settlement, in one of the other locations you’ve slowly discovered, or on a dungeon adventure, time ticks by slowly. This means that the cultist will slowly get hungry, poop somewhere or other, and possibly get sick or even die. This, in turn, means your cult’s loyalty will start to wane, which will take a lot of work to reverse if left unattended. It’s not hard to avoid a situation where your cult turns against you and you suddenly struggle to reap the offerings, but to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to strike a good balance between settlement maintenance and dungeon adventure. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you can choose to lean more heavily on one side or the other if you prefer.

Still, Cult of the Lamb is smart, with a great design and a sharp and entertaining script. The atmosphere is great, thanks in large part to the art you love right away. Speaking of which, turning all your followers into cute wicker critters is a no-brainer. Intentionally or not, it makes brainwashing and shady morals interesting rather than disturbing.

Occasionally, I find myself thinking, well, this is true Yes Like a cult” like the game gleefully told me I could marry as many followers as I wanted. Don’t be fooled into thinking this game isn’t great at all, though. I love it, which is almost certainly My own opinion, unaffected by evil influences.

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