Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor: Beyond Reviews

Medal of Honor: Beyond Reviews

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What is it? A WWII VR shooter with around seven hours of campaign and multiplayer.
Estimated payment: $60/£55
Developer: Rebirth Entertainment
Publisher: EA
Comment time: Intel Core i5-9600K, 16GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super
multiplayer game? Yes, multiple competitive modes
Association: Eye

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR game design uses everything other than the “kitchen sink” to take you into a European WWII battle scene after it: skydive behind enemy lines, armed with anti-aircraft guns, scavenging Nazi trains, riding Shotgun was riding his motorcycle and crashed into Omaha Beach. This all sounds more exciting than it actually is. I was often bored, especially during the tedious mission briefings and dramatic dialogue with some action sequences. Captivated by my VR headset — I’m playing the first-gen Oculus Rift — I sometimes get outright mad at Above and Beyond for not continuing to use it.

You can get out of the woods and have an out-of-body experience, turning around and seeing your own headless torso.

If it’s benevolent, Beyond at least lets you sneak around in its weirdly paced dialogue scenes (lots of long pause). I threw props all over the place, and if I was allowed to, I would punch holes around it with my pistols, rifles, and submachine guns.Granted, that means I’m judging by an incomplete conversational experience, because a lot of it goes like this: “Something [inaudible because I started firing my handgun into the ceiling] I am willing to sacrifice myself for this. “I get the gist, though, and it’s all the usual boring suspects: neat American goodies, brave British teenagers, some French resistance fighters.

When it’s brutal, Beyond has you restarting a scene as you “fuck up your cover” by messing around and shooting on the floor. At that moment, I felt that I was not concentrating in class and was punished by the teacher. Sometimes it even sticks you in place so all you can do is stand and listen. (It’s interesting, though, that you can get out of the woods and experience an out-of-body experience and turn around and see your own headless torso.)

It’s not always more enjoyable to go above and beyond when a shoot begins. Sometimes I would jump out of cover and almost immediately everything would glow red to warn me that I was firing too much – some Nazis were definitely lasers with their rifles. Didn’t have much time to awkwardly aim my M1 Garands or Gewehr 43’s sights, so I fired from the hip, relying on tracer bullets and a generous hitbox to clear enemies as quickly as possible, using the Oculus Touch controller on my left Analog joystick. (There are other exercise options.)

It’s interesting time, but the biggest challenge is remembering to store the ammo and reload it as soon as possible – I’ve been thinking about ammo almost all the time. Those magazines weren’t quite as satisfying as they were in Half-Life: Alyx, though. I had to think about how much to reload and it wasn’t very satisfying.even though flat Used M1 Garand clips are hard to hear. (I used the built-in Oculus Rift headset.)

I started having more fun when I turned down the difficulty to get through a bad Norwegian section (you’re skiing very, very slowly while being shot). In simple cases, there is obvious auto-aiming, and almost every shot will result in a headshot. I like it this way, even though it’s not tricky, because pretending to be a sharpshooter instead of a real sharpshooter is more fun than squinting at deadly blocks of pixels on a balcony.

If you’re like me with older VR hardware, know there’s a ton of range. There are sniper rifles that help, but they’re terrible to use – scopes flatten the world and I have to cross my eyes to focus them. Also, if you don’t have 360-degree tracking, it’s easy to accidentally turn around in Beyond and Beyond.

(Image credit: EA)

all of the above

what used to be The fun of The End of the World was holding my pistol sideways and trying to shoot Nazis in the unusual way of the early 20th century. I also like to heal by poking my chest with a syringe, an extremely violent gesture I casually do, like idly poking a needle into a pad. VR games, whether they’re meant to be or not, are great vehicles for comedy. It’s especially funny when I accidentally inject myself with a syringe while trying to grab a gun – but also annoying because a useful thing is wasted. Likewise, grabbing a grenade when I’m about to grab a syringe was just a few times funny. The funniest thing that happened was when I was desperately reaching for the submachine gun, I ended up holding a potato in front of me.

I do like the scenery here, especially some of the interiors, which are dirty and lack details like books, brochures and newspapers – I wouldn’t accept anything less because the damn game would take up 180GB disk space. Outside, there are some stunning views, as well as a surprising number of unique scenes and sets. The number of landscapes made just for this game is an amazing achievement.

There’s a lot of variety, and just seeing how the developers handle each scenario will have some fun. None of the scenes are completely successful, and there are some real stench: sneaking around a Nazi base with a box of paper, a terrifying piece of nautical stealth, an underwater part where you have to swim with your arms around (horrific), a The scene where you shoot down the plane and get stuck in the sea (the whole scene is very weird). But some people are stupid in a funny way.For example, when you climb into a tank, the cannon will follow the center of your line of sight and it will feel as if you have become tank. It’s no more fun than any other rail tank battle level –Look at the Panzerschreck guys, shoot them with a machine gun– but after defeating the Tiger, you’re going to do something completely different.

It’s like tossing between lavish but disappointing interactive museum exhibits. You know turning a valve on a U-boat is no more fun than being a janitor in a Nazi facility (you have to bend over to pick up trash to fit in), but you still want to check out.

Speaking of museums, the campaign itself is clearly not a documentary – it’s about soldiers having fun and playing by their own rules – but there are also History Channel-style documentary videos about the war, including interviews with veterans , as well as some realistic 360 photos (such as craters and ruins). It seems silly that you have to play the campaign to unlock all of them. They are historical videos, not Destiny 2 exotics. Still, it’s a nice inclusion that makes me nostalgic for the multimedia CD-ROM encyclopedias of the ’90s. (It’s not really something you need to get into VR, though.)

Beyond and Beyond also includes survival mode and multiplayer. For some reason, you don’t have a secondary weapon in multiplayer, which means quick reload is more important than in campaign – reload or you don’t have a gun at all. I find it annoying, but I have fun in multiplayer. Many of my opponents are bots, and bots can easily stagnate. It was fun for me to shoot. It’s also easy for me to spawn enemies in point capture mode, so I don’t feel like it’s going to be a competitive gaming phenomenon. I’d still rather play Rainbow Six Siege or Brave that experience.

(Image credit: EA)

Medal of Honor: Beyond Beyond is indeed beyond in some ways. It’s been longer than I expected and filled with one-off experiences, multiplayer modes and extras. I can’t say it betrays the spirit of 2002’s Medal of Honor: Combined Assault, one of my favorite games as a teenager. M1 Garand still running flat, if quietly, and basically the same as the beach assault scene, add some dynamite to plant as you run between anti-tank obstacles. But nearly 20 years have passed, and Steven Spielberg is now directing productions like “The One.” Even in the still-young VR medium, Medal of Honor: Beyond All feels dated.

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