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Medieval Dynasty Review


Medieval Dynasty Review


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What is it? Medieval survival RPG management simulation game.

Expect to pay 27 GBP/30 USD

release Come out now

Developer Render cube

Publisher Toplitz Production Company

Review date GTX 1070 Dual OC, Windows 10, Intel Core i5-7600k, 16GB RAM

multiplayer game? No

Associate Official website

After finishing the finishing work on the fourth building of my soon-to-be-small village, I realized that I needed to go hunting and get more food for the few residents who lived in it. After all, it’s my job to take care of them, which means building shelters and services, but also going out to hunt bison or deer for meat. When I went out, I felt very confident…but in the end I was bitten by a wild boar on my ankle and died.

This moment gave me the respect I needed for the world of the medieval dynasty, because although it looks docile and often feels like an RPG, it still has the core of a survival game. This means that if you do not give proper attention, you are content to kill you in place. Progress means learning to balance the milder and more demanding aspects of the game.

Where the two meet, things can get a little weird. You just need to use them to get levels of different skill combinations—in theory, you are encouraged to go out and try the skills you want to master. In practice, you will end up with many wooden spoons.

(Image source: Toplitz)

Remember the similar system in Skyrim? You finally hone your forging skills by filling your bag with a ridiculous number of daggers? Imagine, but instead of making a magic sword, you just want to make a shovel, instead of forging a dagger, but cutting a spoon with a wooden stick. On the other hand, once I got the shovel, it was really exciting. Now I can dig the stump after cutting the tree! At least, selling all the tableware also provided funds for my progress.


You see, in addition to honing to make new things and increase your passive gain, you also need to spend money to unlock new blueprints. I’m not sure who you pay to, because you can do this in your menu, but that’s how it works. You can also spend money to buy food, new equipment or anything you don’t want to make or don’t have the ability to make at the merchants in each village. From a mechanical point of view, this is a very standard survival game content, but the additional RPG process is very helpful to maintain attractiveness.

However, the main difference between it and many other survival games is that it is not only about survival, but also about how you manage your small community. It is called a medieval dynasty for a reason. You need to start your own small town, and constantly build it into a single-family house for you to sleep in. It becomes a bustling rural metropolis full of people doing different jobs. You have to feed, water, and heat. Everyone you recruit has their own skills, age, and preferences. Knowing this knowledge and matching it with the right job will make the village happier and more productive.

(Image source: Toplitz)

Assigning work means that they will also help gather resources and other things, but you are the person in charge. I think this is what it feels like to be a manager—or at least if you are assigning work and drawing on whiteboards, you also have to prepare your employees for dinner and the firewood for their comfortable home. You use your own Build with two hands and a hammer.

Over time, new threats emerge. Although fighting was not the main focus of the medieval dynasty, it did exist. Different weapons provide different attack ranges and uses. For example, as long as you have stamina, a knife can be used to chop opponents, and a spear can be used to poke enemies, but it is more useful in distance. When you are out hunting, you are mainly fighting against wild animals, but you are sometimes attacked by small groups of roaming bandits. Although they are not a huge threat, your villagers are not good at fighting, so you need to go out to meet them before they cause too much damage, otherwise your little piece of paradise will be affected.


The Medieval Dynasty has some very comprehensive difficulty sliders that allow you to do things like completely eliminate temperature as a problem, or drastically reduce or increase the amount of food people need in life. If you want to live in a world where people are always friendly, or let the seasons be as long or as short as you want, you can even stop robbers from attacking. This is a surprisingly easy to access method. Basic systems, such as how long it takes to build a building, remain the same, but the ability to remove and change so many things means you can play it as a cruel and difficult game where you are constantly racing against time , Or turn around and it becomes a casual relaxing meeting, similar to a slightly rough animal crossing.

(Image source: Toplitz)

Even if things become more cruel, the medieval dynasty still feels that it was designed as a second life, not a fantasy. There is a story here, and it’s not bad, but it’s meant to take you through the mechanics of the medieval dynasty, not to present a narrative that changed the world. This means that you will strive to make everyone happy and safe instead of trying to kill dragons or visit other worlds. It’s really relaxing.

However, what is not easy is that the game does not always teach you things well, and there are many things to learn here. You often need to check the “Knowledge” tab in the game to understand what you intend to do. When you try to build a new tool, the information may also be in strange places. But once you put in some time, these will become quite minor inconveniences.

Medieval Dynasty is not necessarily the most exciting game, but it is comforting. This is something you can jump in at night for an hour or so and see your progress in the form of new buildings or brand new members of your own village. Or, you might expect a quick visit and find yourself wasting four hours and then wake up from a trance with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach.

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