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What is it? A mix of fate and dark souls
Expected payment: $60/£50
Developer: confrontation game
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Comment on: RTX 3080, i9 10900k, 32GB RAM
multiplayer game? 1-3 players
go out: now
Association: Official website

In the hellish year of 2020, there’s something comforting about playing a straight-forward video game. At a time when we all need a form of “calm down and forget the world is on fire”, Godfall is usually the stress-free supplement my neurofilament needs. It may not be complicated and definitely lacks soul, but I can get the kind of “brainless” fun this third-person brawler provides. Well, sometimes.

Welcome to Godfall: a bland and sometimes endearing adventure that one cannot fall in love with. When a game is engaging enough that it stops me from having an existential crisis every 20 minutes, but is accessible enough that I don’t need YouTube’s six separate guides to get through tutorials, it’s one in my pea mind book victory.

While I’ll touch on its downsides, this self-proclaimed “predator-killer” doesn’t have much to aggressively sharpen my gears. Main complaint? With too much repetitive hectic work involved in completing a game, it’s a fairly simple combination of generic hack and slash action with elements of boss dashes.

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The high-fantasy setting and simple loot system may be derivative, but Godfall is rarely downright offensive. The story — told mostly through stiff cutscenes, in which your knight chats with a big, flowing face and a hooded blacksmith in the center area between missions — is a note that’s easy to skip.

Marcos my words

You play as a powerful being caught in a seemingly eternal tumult with their brother Marcos. Say the brother is obsessed with the idea of ​​ascension and your job is to fight in the realms of earth, water and air to prevent him from reaching god-like status. How do you stop this rise of godliness? By killing hundreds of Marcos’ cronies and six of his most trusted lieutenants, they naturally acted as bosses throughout the campaign.

Godfall is a game that does everything it can to avoid being against you. Clearly inspired by From Software’s library and the PS4’s God of War reboot, its gorgeous third-person sword and shield shards love to empower you at every turn. Unlike Dark Souls or Sekiro, however, Godfall dreads the prospect of rubbing its nose in defeat.

While I’ve put six lives into its several bosses, there’s never been a moment where I feel a brutal challenge like Sekiro’s Guardian Ape combat. For a guy in his 30s with a rapidly receding hairline, I’m not overly complaining about the basically frictionless progression.Still, the lack of meaningful challenges for much of Godfall’s 10-hour campaign means it’s easy to mentally check out its many skirmishes

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Maybe that’s because it’s usually not that difficult, but combat in Godfall is generally enjoyable. Much of its inherent carefree appeal comes down to animation. In sports, it’s a very beautiful game. Whether it’s the operatic dodge moves that vary slightly depending on which of the 12 classes you play, or the bloodthirsty dashes that power its array of blades and hammers, Godfall’s combat rarely looks less graceful.

Acts of Valor (Board)

The variety of weapons is probably the biggest selling point. Career-wise, the dozen or so Valorplates you can unlock and equip boil down to a nice collection of armor sets with slightly different status effects. No matter how nice the gear is, it doesn’t overly shake the way the fight goes.

Not so with Godfall’s weapons. While you can easily get through most fights as long as you stay relatively sharp, the sword or other sharp tool of destruction you choose can definitely affect your enjoyment of a brawl. Greatswords, Double Blades, and Warhammers all have very different animations and effective damage ranges. It’s only by mixing and matching your knight’s two weapon slots that you can feel what fits your natural play style.

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Polearms like spears are better for cautious players who like to strike from a distance, while hammers are for those looking for carefree destruction. Godfall spits out new weapons every few minutes. Killing enemies and opening plentiful chests will keep feeding you fresh goodies, all showing higher and higher numbers. That means you’re likely to choose a particular favorite weapon, and no blade or spear will win your long-term favorite. At least the names are great – In Jae the Manhunter and Rae Hee’s Shame are my current favorites. I’m not quite sure what the latter did, but naughty Reher!

To its credit, Godfall’s combat sparks some unique ideas that help spice up the usually predictable action. Polar attacks are a good example. This unlockable skill encourages you to swap your primary weapon for another once fully charged, giving your second sword a damage output boost for the next 30 seconds. It’s a lovely system that rewards impromptu experimentation.

crushing of facts

Shatterfall is another gameplay that pushes you to stand up and think. Like Sekiro, enemies have a staggered bar that temporarily stuns them once you top it up. In Godfall’s case, the game expects you to fill this meter with light attacks. Resist bursting out your bash to back up a flurry of less powerful attacks, and when the Shatterfall bar fills up, you can instantly kill the beast in front of you with a single bash. It’s a clever risk-and-reward feature that’s just disappointing because most battles are too easy to take full advantage of.

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It’s also a shame that there are so many damn run-ins. For at least 3 points in this barely long campaign, you’re forced to repeat previous quests and simple team hunts to collect magical MacGuffins, called sigils. Earning a vaguely predetermined amount of these earns you the “privilege” of battling bosses. These showcases, often exciting big bad encounters that take far less time than the annoying acquisition quests before them, are both throwback game design and shameless stuffing.


On my i9 10900k and RTX 2080 – which I know is hardly a standard setup – there’s enough next-gen graphics bells and whistles to compete with any PS5 or Xbox Series X launch. But there are also technical glitches. Every time your armored god beats some thumping finisher, a regular (albeit minor) obstacle ruins the gameplay.

No matter what resolution I’m playing at, 900p or 4K, I can’t get rid of these momentary stutters. Most of the time, I happily run Godfall at over 60 fps at 1440p, but these currently unavoidable framerate issues are sure to cause minor distractions.

These are some nifty missions in Godfall’s defense. While the art direction might not be to everyone’s taste — it’s super shiny and very saturated, no matter how much you dial down the display’s color settings — it’s certainly a compelling game. Killing goblin-like creatures and armoured fantasy beasts is sure to be easy in a gorgeous courtyard or in a palatial garden dotted with glittering cherry orchards.

If you’ve recently given up on big savings on an Ampere graphics card, or are planning to invest in AMD’s Big Navi line, I don’t think there are many games that will give your shiny new GPU a better workout than Godfall. Despite the lack of imaginary flamboyance, there is no denying the technical craftsmanship on display here.

Godfall is a puzzling game. Although grinding stings me, I never come close to putting down the mat. I recommend playing three-player co-op to reduce repetition, but inexplicably, Godfall’s multiplayer doesn’t support online matchmaking. Gorgeous, hollow and rarely worn, it’s an amiable big-budget game that’s pleasing to the eye but rarely stimulates the brain or fingers.

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