What is saving face in Chinese culture?

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  2. In Chinese culture, the concept of ‘face’, AKA mianzi (mi-an-ze), refers to the amount of “dignity” or “prestige” that’s associated with an individual
  3. So, ‘saving face’ means to keep others from losing respect for oneself or to avoid embarrassment

However, What does the term saving face mean? Definition of save face : to avoid having other people lose respect for oneself He tried to save face by working overtime

What is the origin of save face?

Hence save-face adj = face-saving Originally used by the English community in China, with reference to the continual devices among the Chinese to avoid incurring or inflicting disgrace The exact phrase appears not to occur in Chinese, but ‘to lose face’ (diu lien), and ‘for the sake of his face’, are common

Currently, What cultures have the biggest fear of Losing face? If you have spent any time around Chinese culture, you have come across the idea of “losing face”, or diū liǎn (丢脸)

What does Losing face mean in Japan? However, Japan along with other Asian cultures has the concept of “face” (mentsu) To disagree with someone in public, thus causing them embarrassment, is to make them “lose face” (mentsu wo ushinau)

What is losing face in Thailand?

Remember, when in Thailand be “kreng jai”, lose your head and you will lose your face, don’t lower your standards but alter your attitude, respect others and they will respect you

What is another word for saving face? Face-saving synonyms Find another word for face-saving In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for face-saving, like: face saver, tidying-up, preventive war, conciliatory and box-ticking

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What is the meaning of saving face? Definition of save face : to avoid having other people lose respect for oneself He tried to save face by working overtime

What does it mean to harp on someone?

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