Who is Harley Quinn in love with?

  1. 1 Poison Ivy Aside from Joker, Poison Ivy is Harley’s most recognized romantic partner

Then, Who is Poison Ivy’s boyfriend? Ivy has also developed a special relationship with fellow villain Harley Quinn, with the two often being depicted as recurring partners-in-crime, friends and, sometimes, love-interests

Why does Harley Quinn call Joker Puddin? COMIC LEGEND: Harley Quinn calls the Joker “puddin'” because he gave her a pudding cup when they first met

Beyond, What is Harley Quinn’s age?

On September 11, Harley Quinn turns 25 years old – and the former psychiatrist who turned to the dark side in 1992 as a sidekick to The Joker celebrates her silver anniversary as a fully rounded DC Comics multi-platform villainess

Are Harley and Ivy lesbians?

Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn confirmed for long-awaited lesbian romance with Poison Ivy in season 2 KALEY Cuoco’s Harley Quinn’s long-awaited lesbian romance with Poison Ivy has been confirmed for season 2 The former Big Bang Theory actress voices the character in the popular adult animated series

Who is Harley Quinn’s best friend? Dr Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy) is the deuteragonist of the DC Universe’s animated Harley Quinn franchise She is Harley Quinn’s best friend, eventual girlfriend, and fellow Arkham Asylum escapee

What is Harley Quinn’s real name? Harleen Quinzel A promising psychologist and intern at Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, Harleen was given the chance to get up close and personal with the Joker, an experience that wound up ending badly

Who did Harley Quinn marry? Readers find out in Batman: Beyond the White Knight No 2 that their connection was romantic Harley and Bruce Wayne are married

Who does the Joker marry?

Harley Quinn and Jack Napier have been through quite a lot during their time together, and wedding bells are finally ringing Spoilers incoming for Batman: White Knight #8, so if you haven’t read the issue yet you’ve been warned

What does Harley Quinn call Joker? Details of Harley’s character vary depending on the incarnation, but most versions have an obsessive infatuation with the Joker whom she nicknames “Mistah J” or “Puddin'”

Who is the love of Joker?

Harley Quinn is the Joker’s most famous accomplice and lover They met when she was a psychiatrist studying mentally ill criminals

Does Harley Quinn have a kid? Lucy Quinzel is the daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn and the niece of Delia Quinzel

Who is the Joker’s son?

Joker Jr is the son of Harley Quinn and the mass-murdering criminal The Joker

What mental illness does Harley Quinn have?

Everyone knows Harley Quinn as the Jokers’ girl, but how did she become Harley Quinn? Personality Disorder, specifically, Histrionic Personality Disorder plays a key part in Harley Quinn’s life

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