A roundup of Kirby and the Forgotten Lands

A roundup of Kirby and the Forgotten Lands

Between Ghostwire: Tokyo and the tabletop anarchy of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, March 25 was a busy day for new game releases. You can add Kirby and the Forgotten Land to that list, because Nintendo’s cute pink blob is back and ready to go into action again. Combined with the fact that the little guy’s insatiable appetite has given him some disturbing new abilities, it’s going to make this adventure especially memorable.

Reviews for the game have gone live, and reception so far has been mostly positive. Critics praised Kirby and the Forgotten Land for being effortlessly charming, gorgeous to look at, and fun to play for its polished platforming mechanics.

“The culmination of 30 years of exploring the malleable mascot Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the most inventive and best entry in franchise history,” Steve Pettit wrote in his Kirby and Forgotten Land review road. “The move to 3D brings Kirby’s iconic mechanics to life like never before. This feels like a new beginning for Kirby as it retains all the familiar series traps while presenting them in a cohesive , a full-scale adventure that’s filled with fun imagination throughout.”

For a broader look at the critical reaction to Kirby and the Forgotten Land, check out more reviews below, or check out site Metacritic for more impressions.

  • Game: Kirby and the Forgotten Lands
  • Platform: Switch
  • Developer: HAL Labs
  • Release Date: March 25
  • Price: $60

Game Points – 9/10

“Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a hard game to play if you always have a smirk on your face. But it’s not just a cute and engaging platformer with colorful visuals. It’s one of Nintendo’s best One of the good platformers for the Switch thanks to its well-designed stage and dynamic library of abilities that constantly shake up the instant platforming and action. And FrankenKirby, if you’re reading this review, don’t eat me. I don’t have any cool powers anyway.” -Steven Pettit [Full review]

Destructoid — 9.5/10

“When it comes to Kirby, I’m an easy sell, but Forgotten Land is easily one of my favorite entries in the series, and probably my top game outside of Kirby Superstar – an all-time classic .I was looking forward to a very useful Kirby adventure and got more, but with those direct and light-hearted virtues that past games have had.” – Chris Carter [Full review]

Gaming Radar – 4.5/5

“Kirby’s latest adventure is an absolute treat that you won’t want to miss. With more open platforming in an eye-catching 3D world, a generous helping of Waddle Dee Town’s wonderful features, and the introduction of Mouthful Mode, Kirby and The Forgotten Lands provide an unforgettable experience that will no doubt make you smile.” – Heather Wald [Full review]

Game Informer – 9/10

“Kirby and the Forgotten Land is fantastic and should not be missed for fans of Kirby and the platformer. It’s not a puff rendition of Super Mario 64, but it successfully brings the series into 3D without having to rely entirely on it The latest in entertainment gimmicks. Thankfully, Kirby is still as charming as ever, and this new adventure effortlessly provides hours of fun. -John Carson [Full review]

VG247– 4/5

“Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a bit safe in some ways to make it a proper all-around game, but I’m not sure if that’s my intention. It’s an easy game to enjoy, everyone can play, And sits nicely with Nintendo’s other Switch exclusives. If Kirby being a car is everything you want in your life, good for you, welcome to your new favorite game. To me, Kirby Still below A grade, it’s still a great place. It’s usually the place for some of the most delicious snacks. – Tom Oli [Full review]

IGN – 8/10

“Kirby and the Forgotten succeeds in twisting the series’ already fun mix of skill combat, platforming, and secret hunting into three dimensions. The post-apocalyptic setting may not be as thematically interesting as Popstar, but It’s still cute and vibrant, with cleverly designed levels that consistently utilize Kirby’s abilities subtly. Despite the change in perspective, Forgotten Lands retains much of what I love about classic Kirby games – if the future Means more 3D adventures for our hungry pink heroes, and I’d love to devour them.” – Tom Marks [Full review]


“Nobody other than Platinum knows how to end up with a game bigger than HAL. We just hope they can bring some 5-star magic to a more low-key platform – it’ll be a Nintendo superstar worthy of Game. In fact, the Forgotten Lands is another successful charmer for HAL’s inhaled heroes. – Matthew Castle [Full review]

Polygon – Unlined

“Every time Kirby and the Forgotten Land shows me something new, I love it. When I first see Kirby turn into a traffic cone, or throw his wine glass on a water tower, I laugh Can’t close my mouth. I love every opening moment new area where I can run around the world and spy new areas I’ll be venturing into. The cutscene is beautiful, watching Kirby and friends take a nap in his tiny house It’s lovely – as always. But Kirby and the Forgotten Land burns so brightly, so fast, that initial joy is hard to recall as the credits roll.” – Ryan Gilliam [Full review] receive a commission from retail offers.

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