World of Warcraft’s Mage Tower Will Return Forever

World of Warcraft’s Mage Tower Will Return Forever


Blizzard Entertainment is bringing back World of Warcraft’s Mage Tower, but this time it’s permanent. After returning to the Broken Shore on March 29, you can always access single-player-focused content.

The Mage Tower originally came to World of Warcraft during 2016’s Legion expansion. It’s been a hit with fans since then, so Blizzard brought it back in a limited capacity in last year’s Shadowlands patch. The problem with the Legion Timewalking event, however, is that the Mage Tower is only available when it rotates from time to time.

“When we initially developed the Legion Timewalking rewards campaign, we were looking for other interesting features of Legion that we could add to,” explained the WoW developer. “Stale Keystone is a part of that, and so is the Mage Tower. After listening to feedback and seeing its results, we agreed that individual skill challenges offered only for short periods of time every few months were not in the spirit of such an event. Therefore, from Beginning the week of March 29th, the Mage Tower will be available at any time and will no longer be associated with the Legion Timewalking bonus event.”

If you’re out of the loop, Mage Tower challenges players to defeat Blizzard’s single-player encounters for your chosen class. If you beat one of the seven challenges in any class, you’ll get a Legion-themed transmog set to show it off. You’ll also get the “Towering Success” achievement as a treat. Meanwhile, Guardian Druids will receive Druid Fel Bear Form as an additional bonus.

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The return of the Mage Tower should keep you busy until Blizzard announces the next World of Warcraft expansion next month. For more of the best MMORPGs on PC, you can follow this link.

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