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cheating company reviews

cheating company reviews


Disguised as a servant, I lurk in the corridors of a beautifully decorated Italian villa and keep an eye out for other thieves. With 11 other spies in holographic disguise hidden among the guests, staff and guards, only one of us can steal the prize. I rummaged through the drawers like a curious raccoon looking for clues, and found one—the location of the hostile spy. I only had a few seconds so I tore down the hallway and threw caution to the wind. He didn’t see me coming – or realize that a maid was about to kick his head and shoot him with a pistol. After getting the key card he was carrying, I ducked into a corner, transformed myself into an armchair, and regained cover.

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what is it? Spy-themed escape shooter for solo or squad

release date: March 21, 2023

Expect to pay: 20 dollars

Developer: sweet bandit studio

Publisher: trip wire

commented on: Radeon RX 580, Intel Core i5-8600K CPU, 8GB RAM

multiplayer game: Yes

Steam deck: playable

Association: Official Website(opens in a new tab)

I feel like a super spy. (Also like an armchair.)

Deceive Inc. is an escape shooter that harkens back to the silly antics and gizmos of old spy vs spy. You play as a secret agent trying to escape with a heavily guarded package, defeating a rogue gallery of thieves along the way. To access the vault containing the prize, three vault devices must be disabled, requiring varying degrees of stealth, shooting, and intelligence gathering. The key conceit here is that you’re always hidden by a hologram, pretending to be a citizen or a guard, unless you do something to debunk your disguise. Or unless another player does something to you, like kicks you in the back and leaves you covered in holes.

Agents play roles that are a bit like characters in hero shooters like Overwatch. Each has three different weapons, abilities, and passives that you unlock with experience points, and two gadgets you can carry to customize your builds to suit specific types of spy ships. With tank spy Chavez, I like to hide behind my shield Brera and strafe my revolver. As the sniper Ace, I use the bounce pad to get to high places and use the scout drone to scout out my opponents. Only three spies are accessible when starting the game, but I was able to unlock all eight playable agents in about eight hours.

Since some agents are better at brawling, while others tend to be sneakier, you can mix up your playstyles and come up with something special. For example, I spent a lot of time with Cavalière, and if she interacts with something they recently patched, she can use the investigative skill to find enemy agents. Surprisingly taking them down in a hail of bullets was fun, but even more fun was using my shield, Brera, and my partner Chavez’s invulnerability to thwart poor Sap teammates who came out for revenge. They’d break our teeth just in time for our third person to clean up.

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Holographic mimics are my favorite gadget, especially when I can turn into an inflatable flamingo. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire) Play as your favorite agent to unlock additional weapons and abilities. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire) Pretending to be plants doesn’t work well in the secret vault area. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire) For when you really, really need a squid hat. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire)

The best part of the match is the moment of caution before you meet your opponent’s agent. I would spend the first minute or two cheekily running around and picking up intel before slowing down and sneaking into a safe area. These rooms require you to spend intel to unlock and enter, and unless you can sneak in behind security or staff, it feels sneaky. The game of cat and mouse really escalates as you try to figure out if the guard or maid hanging around is really another player. I’ll often drop a turret to light up anyone who stays too long in front of the inner security door, and this works… about half the time. The other half I had to look down at poor defenseless NPCs and live with guilt until other players who heard the commotion came and killed me.

Once the vault device is disabled, all remaining agents focus on packages inside the vault. Hidden as a guard, scientist, or occasionally as a VIP (a special outfit that lets you go anywhere but stands out from other players), you can head straight for the package or try to set traps for other players who grab it. At one point I was sure my package handlers were dead because they had to run past where I was hiding as an office plant, but instead they sent a scout drone. My cover and surprise were out and we had to fight for the prize.

Deciding which battles to fight and when to fight them is my favorite part of Deceive Inc. Sometimes bold swaps get me a big advantage–select keycards or field upgrades–and sometimes it’s best to keep a low profile and let someone else do the fighting.

There are four maps in the initial release, which seems like a decent number. They are large and have a wide variety. One of the best is Diamond Spire, a huge office complex that houses cubicle farms, restaurants, and a small TV studio. Playing with a squad, we were ambushed on the roof of that map and had to duck into a guardhouse to take cover. We thought we were doomed, until we realized there was a vase we could interact with that found a secret passage to the rooftop where we were ambushed. We surprised the enemy squad, revived a fallen buddy, and taunted us on the comm for what a cunning spy we were. Every map has little nooks and crannies that make encounters slippery.

Deceive Inc. currently has a modest but enthusiastic playerbase, and the developers seem genuinely engaged. Hotfixes and patch notes are fine-grained and there is an interest in keeping balance across agents. Whether it’s solo or three-player squads, matches fire up quickly, but queuing up with a buddy is a painful experience, whether it’s 2v3 or getting a random 3rd place – either you’re at a disadvantage in the match because in most engagements , or you’ll be left with a teammate who may not be able to communicate, which is a critical part of the game.

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Choose your proxy. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire) You can bring your friend back once in a squad game. After that, they’re done. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire) The first stage is plugging in, finding these Intel computers to access the secure area. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire) Bounce pads, turrets, and tripwires? It’s hard to choose. (Image credit: PC Gamer, Tripwire)

My biggest issue with Deceive Inc. is the discrepancy between the NPC animations and my disguised agent’s animations. When you’re under cover, to other players your model only reflects your general movements, not the exact location you’re looking at with the mouse or the camouflage actions you might have taken. This keeps it from becoming obvious when you flick it back and forth to check corners and balconies.While Pretend My Agent will do the undercover NPC animation on other players’ screens, it won’t show the animation mine Screen. If I don’t know what my NPC “skin” is doing, how do I know how well I’m impressed with an NPC?

There’s also no proximity chat, which would allow for fun mind games. I ran into a few bugs, including the 10-win achievement after my first one–it’s hardly a game-breaker. I haven’t had too many performance issues, except for one or two serious crashes.

Deceive Inc. does a great job of making you feel like a spy doing cool espionage. When anyone can be anyone, when everyone is looking for you while you’re looking for them, every moment is tense—even the fluff phase.

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