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House of Ashes Review

House of Ashes Review

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What is it? The third part of the horror anthology takes place this time in an ancient Sumerian temple.
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Developer Mega game
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release October 22
Review date GTX 1080 Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game Yes
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“Black Phase Anthology” is a series that is attracted by movie horror. Its setting, each item is spinning a new yarn, let Supermassive cast a big net. Following the problems of the Medan’s ghost ship and Little Hope’s witch, we now find ourselves exploring the Sumerian Temple in the House of Ashes with Marines and CIA agents. The transition from civilians and jump scares to soldiers and gun battles is important, and I paused for a while at first, but the anthology became stronger because of it.

Soldiers perform missions and discover something scary or supernatural. Of course, this is a classic genre metaphor, and it produces some of my favorites, from aliens to dog soldiers. But for a series that owes more to adventure games than action games, heavily armed jarheads seem to be a strange choice. However, I shouldn’t worry, because it turns out that the terrifying bat-like opponent of the House of Ashes doesn’t care about bullets.

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This did not stop the Marines, or the pair of Iraqi Republic Guards who fell into the Sumer Temple with them from consuming a lot of ammunition. There are explosives. They are shooting at each other when they are not shooting monsters helplessly. There are many long and gorgeous QTEs, and they are listed as the most interesting and certainly the most exquisite in Supermassive.

Holding a stick

Salim, one of the Republican Guards, is playable, and he has performed in most top brawls. He put his hand on a big metal rod early on, I swear it must be full of some mysterious power, boy, did he make good use of it, save lives, pierce monsters and throw it like a javelin-honestly , He is very good at Avengers should fire Hawkeye and hire this guy. In addition to being a bastard, Salim has also provided us with an important Iraqi perspective, balancing the original fanatical attitude of the Americans.

Although the monsters in the House of Ash like to lurk in the dark, Supermassive didn’t stop them too much. They will be revealed soon, and you will often see them from then on, especially their terrible claws, which are constantly crawling out of the cracks in the door. They tick the boxes of all movie monsters: they look disgusting, they make creepy sounds, they laugh at bullets, but they have some obvious weaknesses, and survivors will naturally learn to take advantage of these weaknesses.

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Despite paying more attention to lively action scenes, “House of Ashes” left a lot of room for criticism of the Iraq war, personal confrontation and even the doomed love triangle. All this is horrible material, fueling tensions and creating potential betrayals. You will have some chances to really mess up your “allies” at critical moments, or you can try to make everyone a BFF. You are the one who makes the choice, but it’s hard not to be attracted by the character’s feelings. Their personalities and relationships were established very early, and I found myself doing something meaningful to them instead of making smart calls.

Take the analogy of survivors being injured or infected as an example. House of Ashes likes this very much. In particular, there is an example in which my partner and I deliberately made such obvious wrong choices time and time again.The game keeps giving us the opportunity to kill or leave one obviously It will bring disaster, but after hearing the Marine Corps chatter about never leaving anyone behind, the wrong choice is clearly the winner. Terror is to create disaster. A horror movie in which everyone makes rational decisions is a boring horror movie.

Surprisingly, I only succeeded with the death of one protagonist. Eric, the U.S. Air Force colonel in charge of this operation failed to survive, but he was a bit of a failure. He was an insecure “good guy”, so it didn’t matter. House of Ashes pointed out a terrifying technique. If you don’t support them to keep them alive, then you are happy to support them to die. It’s not that I planned Eric’s death, it was sealed after an earlier wrong decision.

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fast and convenient

Failure to pass the QTE will have consequences, but this is not how Eric died. In fact, I succeeded in getting him to make the last heroic act. Choice can determine whose life or death is better than dexterity. Although they are fierce, QTE is still very simple, and will give you a lot of warnings in advance, let you prepare for their coming, and even let you know the type of QTE that is coming.

Little Hope is where Supermassive started to add this useful context, but House of Ashes continues to use this approach, even with small things such as clear interactions that will push the scene forward. You know not to touch it until you finish exploring. This is especially beneficial in cooperatives, so you won’t stop their friends from viewing more reliefs of Sumerian demons or excerpts from the 1930s diary.

The unfortunate quintet became a group of amateur archaeologists, and the soldiers followed in the footsteps of the ancient expedition. The House of Ashes continues this anthology’s preference for real myths and historical events, this time intoxicated by the legends of Mesopotamia and the “Curse of Akkad”, a poem describing the emperor Naramsim in detail Declaring himself as the god queen, the destruction of the Akkadian Empire. Looted a temple. In this poem, the gods retaliate against ol’Naram-Sim for the Gutian invasion. However, in the prologue of the House of Ashes, Gutian’s problem is far less than that of the underground vampire monster.

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A Sumerian temple is a little more magnificent than a small New England town or a rusty ship, and its core is mysterious-what are these beasts? ——Meaning that I am very eager to get my hands on any file, tablet or diary. Throughout the process, my archaeologist colleagues and I have been constantly proposing various theories-which is another reason why you really need to at least try this with other people-it has a lot to make you want Know the skills.

Separation anxiety

From a mechanical point of view, there is nothing new here, but it is a slightly stronger collaborative experience. Three modes are provided again, allowing you to play alone, up to four friends (share a controller) or share the story mode with another person. The previous shared story mode allowed you to play everyone, but this time you need to take care of a specific character. This makes sense, because Rachel—a CIA field officer and Eric’s separated wife—had a long period with Salim, and they were alone. If you did not control them in their single-player adventure, it would be embarrassing to try to play as one of them because you will lack important background about what they have seen and done.

This allows my partner and I to have a greater sense of belonging to the role, and it makes it easier to reconcile the role play. This also means that you really need to rely on your partner to fill your vacancies, because you often find yourself separated and doing completely different things. Once, when my friend was with Rachel, I was tacitly aware of the relationship, until her eyes in the lake of blood. One of us is more stressed than the other.

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I just hope the camera is better. There are many dark, narrow corridors, and the camera will zoom in to your shoulder, allowing your character to occupy half of the screen. Sometimes it obviously tries to evoke a shooter, but it is too ethereal and bulky to work. At the very least, it is good to slowly explore the more spacious rooms of the temple, and it is always working when it comes to getting good film shots. It provides you with some good excuses to click the screenshot button. Unfortunately, some of my best people are firmly in the realm of spoilers.

It might be a mistake to start my first game at 10pm, because it kept me hanging on its hook until I climbed out of the Sumer Temple at dawn. Of course, I have to spend another 30 minutes dissecting it with my friends. The final scene becomes very crazy and easily becomes the best reward Supermassive has built so far, but the journey to get there is also very compelling. Like many horror movies, it swings on the dangerous wire between stupidity and coolness. It doesn’t always fall on the right side, but it’s still very interesting, even if it makes you moan.

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