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Jeter: Far Shore Review

Jeter: Far Shore Review


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What is it? A poetic science fiction adventure about human escaping from extinction.
release date October 5, 2021
Expect to pay GBP 24 / USD 30
Developer Super Brothers and Rosin
Publisher Super Brothers and Rosin
Review date AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Radeon RX 5700 XT, 8GB RAM
multiplayer game? No.
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This is a science fiction story we have all heard of. Mankind once again messed up the earth, in order to save civilization, now it is necessary to find a new home among the stars. This analogy is complete, but when independent studio Superbrothers announced that Jett: The Far Shore will become their own analogy, I was very excited. The studio released “Sword and Sworcery”-a quiet and contemplative adventure about a warrior exploring a strange and mysterious field-and saw the team and Pine Scented go on a grand science fiction adventure where science and spirituality meet , Has been almost ten years is an exciting thing.

In most cases, Jeter: Far Shore has successfully done this, and its sublime and comprehensive story about humans and beliefs brings you into this unfamiliar world. Jet’s humans are not only looking for a new home, but they are also exposed to the “wave of praise,” which is a sacred invitation from outer planets in outer space. Desperately escaping from the dying planet suffocated by the industrialized black plume, a group of space scouts was formed to examine the planet to see if this strange world-“the remote coast”-could become a new home for their people.

(Image source: Super Brother/Rosin)

At the beginning, when the team boarded the spacecraft and was about to take off, everyone gathered to say goodbye. Hundreds of people in the ocean, they are all singing the same lament as farewell. This is the beginning of a gloomy and powerful game that sets high risks for the task in front of you.

This is a gloomy and powerful start to the game, setting high risks for your previous mission

In Jett, you will play Mei, a scout pilot and mystic, who is selected to chase with the team. After arriving on this planet, the early game missions were all about exploration. Driving a small boat called “jett”, you need to observe the earth’s ecosystem and collect data. Your jett is equipped with tools to help you conduct research, including scanners, flashlights and grappling hooks. When you are cruising in the landscape, you can scan different vegetation and animals to understand how they behave and how to integrate into a wider range of ecosystem.

Jet’s alien landscape inspired this research. This mysterious planet has huge lakes, vast pink meadows and huge purple planes-you won’t find any brown or gray in this world. There are many strange discoveries waiting for you to explore, such as hovering your sprayer on various plants and using your booster to “pop” them, releasing waves of colorful spores. Some bushes will ooze yellow mucus. If you pick up some mucus with a grappling hook, it will attract all kinds of alien creatures. These insights are not enough to influence the story, but provide clever insights about how this strange planet works. It is fun to find these little surprises, but unfortunately, due to the flight, its attractiveness is reduced, which is cumbersome at best, and frustrating at worst.

(Image source: Super Brother/Rosin)

In short, the control of this ship is a bit clumsy. However, it is not all bad: on the water, your rapid jet is like a dream. It’s easy to use boosters without overheating them and quickly turn your boat when you have enough open space, and it feels great when you accelerate in exposed waters and step on metal. However, it is clear that these jets are built for speed rather than precision.

On land, this is a completely different story. Thankfully, my co-pilot, Isao, is a cruel guy because I was falling into a cliff, tripped over rocks, and caught in various vegetation. The world around you inspires various techniques, such as ghokebloom plants that lift you into the air, tiny flashes that boost your motivation, and obvious launch points that are naturally embedded in the landscape. But I have never played any cool action in any environment. As you continue to explore the planet, there are beautiful rugged landscapes and rugged mountains-due to lack of precision, I can’t fully traverse. When trying to fly a fussy high-speed jet, one must pay attention to dialogue, pay close attention to booster gauges, navigate the landscape and avoid enemy attacks.

(Image source: Super Brother/Rosin)

Everything becomes clear, and you will understand how small you are on this extremely strange planet.

This frustration permeates the rest of the game. There are many dramatic encounters in which you must stay away from the danger of flying, but they tend to lose excitement because of control. However, when these events occur in open waters or vast plains, they are simply exciting. One of the most dangerous threats on earth is gloom, which is a red mist projected from the blood moon at night. This is an eerie red light that will directly damage your jet. The only thing you can do is try to find a shade until morning. Crossing the sea trying to surpass the moon’s light is one of the many eerie highlights in the game.

Gloaming is just one of the many spectacular sights found in this new world, and the best part of Jett is the moment you experience them outside the ship, jump out of your cruiser and walk around. Usually, it is only a small area, but in any case, they are spectacular sights. In one section, you are asked to blow up the entrance of a cave, which looks inconspicuous from the cockpit of your jet plane. But when you go out and go deep into the cave, you will find that it is huge. Everything becomes clear, and you will understand how small you are on this extremely strange planet.

(Image source: Super Brother/Rosin)

When you are not gazing at the spectacular scenery on the earth, you can return to base between outings, chat with your team and get mission updates. There is not much to know about the personalities of your Boy Scout members, and the cutscenes may be a bit stagnant. It doesn’t help the tempo, it feels slow but purposeful-surprisingly, I appreciate this. The game has its own language, each character uses their own language, coupled with their soft-spoken words, all these add a poetic mystery to Jeter.

The main charm of Jeter’s story lies in its mysterious spirituality. Without revealing too much, there are discussions about visions, legends, promises, and the Bible—you need to weave everything together to lay the foundation for a grand narrative. The scenery echoes this sentiment. Hundreds of mysterious black pyramids emerge from the sea, towering gloomy mountains are shrouded in mist, and strange creatures hostile to the invaders. This is a fascinating world, and it is also a world directly opposed to oneself. Why does the ominous wave of hymns invite mankind to a planet where the ecosystem is hostile to invaders?

(Image source: Super Brother/Rosin)

This is a wonderful hook. This problem has been with you from the moment you set foot on this planet, but it is one of many problems that have been left aside. The mystics and followers of the gods whose beauty is considered to be a big deal, but have never really solved why, her mysterious duty feels nothing more than a charm of good luck. With a few exceptions, many tasks are just busy work—collecting resources, finding missing parts, escaping from enemies—rather than uncovering the mysteries of the planet. Games that are more poetic in nature have no obligation to tell or explain their stories-but with such a wonderful opening chapter, full of knowledge and curiosity, I did not get all the answers I had hoped for when I finished the game.

Jeter: There is an epic hook on the far shore: an attempt to transcend a forgotten civilization, so desperate to escape extinction, that they will follow the peace of the ominous interstellar power under the promise of refuge. The picky control leaves some shortcomings, but overall Jett: The Far Shore is a fascinating adventure.

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