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Jurassic World Evolution 2 review

Jurassic World Evolution 2 review


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What is it? Management simulation based on Jurassic Park franchise
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Review date NVIDIA GTX 970, Intel I5-4460, 32GB RAM
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Zoo Tycoon is one of my favorite games when I was growing up. I am not very interested in caring for animals, but blocking the exit with countless vending machines and releasing a group of tigers who cannot eat enough to the trapped guests can always attract people’s attention. In the decades since, I have never fully managed to reproduce that kind of anarchistic pleasure, but watching Tyrannosaurus rex throwing scientists into the air very close while rampaging in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

The premise is simple. Your task is to build and manage a series of dinosaur theme parks based on the movie series of the same name. The narrative of the event unfolded directly after the events of the latest movie “Fallen Kingdom”, and humans are struggling to adapt to the lives of a large number of (spoiler alert) dinosaurs that have recently escaped. Unfortunately, the entire story has only five tasks in total, which can be easily completed in two hours, and there is almost no room for development in the hurriedly explained plot.

In fact, apart from teasing the suspenseful ending of the upcoming movie, this story hardly attempts to expand the wider universe. Nonetheless, series fans may appreciate Jeff Goldblum’s brilliant performance lines-he replayed the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire Dilling, and several other actors have also returned, but their appearance only highlights the apparent absence of Chris Pratt. Although Pratt’s stand-in did a good job in playing the role of Owen Grady, his performance was pale when placed directly next to the original. Whether it is an understandable by-product of budget constraints or scheduling conflicts, it is a shame that they cannot record at least a few lines with this person themselves.

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Traditional tutorials of any form are also obviously absent, and it seems that the brief instruction part of the activity has been completely abandoned. Fortunately, things have never become too confusing, but since the basic mechanics cannot be reviewed quickly, there is an uncomfortable transition between the strictly linear campaign and the more open sandbox, challenge, and chaos theory modes. This is also a pity, because although the sandbox and challenges are self-explanatory, chaos theory is very worth seeing.

According to the events of each of the five movies, various “hypothetical” scenes are presented. The first level allows you to create your own Jurassic Park in an environment that perfectly mimics the original environment. All of this is very nostalgic, and since it is obvious that a lot of care has been taken to protect the unique beauty of the park’s buildings from different eras, the location of each mission can be immediately identified.

The changes are not only in the visual department, there are also some new mechanisms, such as water fences or monorail systems, that make the more modern setting different from its predecessors. For players who only want to experiment outside the strict limits of different time periods, the sandbox mode provides you with the option to completely circumvent these architectural restrictions. Although it is not as in-depth as the visual customization in other Frontier games, you can choose to further adjust The appearance of a specific dinosaur or vehicle with a series of unlockable skins is a nice feeling.

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Although the campaign mode only focuses on creating fences to accommodate various dinosaurs, and the representative of success is the improvement of overall comfort, other modes introduce humans into the equation. Although the needs of dinosaurs can be easily met by placing a few objects or quickly changing the type of terrain, there are two sets of needs for park visitors to meet. There are some basic requirements, such as access to food and beverages, and secondary needs determined by the visitor’s adherence to one of the following four categories: luxury, adventure, nature, and general. Take luxury goods as an example. Such guests require higher-cost attractions, such as spas or hotels.

It must be cool to watch a Velociraptor prancing in a cage, but it’s even better to see it rampage in the park

But disappointingly, I quickly discovered that these categories are almost completely redundant in practice, and the random toilets, food stalls and emergency shelters are always enough to make most of my visitors happy. Although the needs of individual guests are a good idea on paper, it is strange that you can run a profitable park and choose to ignore them. There are also some minor annoyances here and there, such as having to manually replenish the fuel supply every time the building dries up, or inconsistent collision detection occasionally making object placement painful.

Nevertheless, I always find that the charm of dinosaurs is enough to arouse my interest. Each of the approximately 75 unique species has been exquisitely modeled and exquisitely animated. Only by manually controlling one of the vehicles in the park to observe them up close can you truly appreciate this. However, the place where the dinosaurs are at their absolute best is at the rare moment when things start to go well, but they are indeed wrong. It must be cool to watch the Velociraptor prancing around the cage, but it’s even better to see it rampage in the park. The damaged models of walls and vehicles do a good job of emphasizing the tremendous destructive power of creatures.

(Image source: Frontier)

Ragdoll physics allows guests to dash around the map at ridiculous speeds, which is usually very lively, and the constant threat of random tropical storms can cut out power and destroy walls, which means that even the best-maintained parks are only moments away massacre. Add the genetic trait system to the mix. If you are not careful, this may lead to more aggressive dinosaur species, and the result is a game that is more in line with the survival horror than the traditional park tycoon.

You know that things will go wrong in the end, just like watching a movie for the first time, you can only wait for the inevitable to happen. Nothing is more like it, and given the simplicity of the analog elements, this unique dynamic is easily one of the biggest reasons for recommending Jurassic World Evolution 2.

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