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Psychonauts 2 comments

Psychonauts 2 comments

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What is it? The puzzling sequel to Double Fine’s most famous game.

Estimated payment: GBP 55 / USD 60

Developer: Double refined

Publisher: Xbox Game Studio

Comment time: RTX 2080 Ti, AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core processor, 16GB RAM

multiplayer game? No

Association: Official website

You can understand the soul of the game through what it thinks is “cheering up”. For example, Fallout 3 believes that being good at murdering women is one of them. In “Modern Warfare”, it drops grenade like a smug ghost after death. In Psychonauts 2, Double Fine will sell you a “Beast Control” pin badge modifier that allows Raz’s psychic fist (usually used for heavy hits and throws) to pet woodland animals. You spend money to hurt fewer things. The other pin keeps him in trouble unattended; when no one is playing, dance like no one is watching. honestly? It is a tonic.

As in the headlines, “Tim Shafer’s game prefers stupidity to sadism” is not shocking.But 15 years have passed since the original edition; enough time to forget how Stupid Psychonauts Yes, these jokes can take us to surprising places. Of course, for the residents of the game, this is only three days: people who want to become Psychonaut Raz leave the Whispering Rock Psychic summer camp to perform rescue missions-as seen in the VR-derived Rhombus of Ruin-we are in the aftermath Rejoined him. Video can solve all these problems, but considering the juicy callbacks throughout the process, it is recommended to get first-hand experience.

(Image source: Xbox Game Studio)

What a good start this is: an impossible mission-style scam, fooling a villain in his own mind, just for a dental fixation to infect this plan. With the power of its heroes to enter and influence the mind, I always think that Psychonauts did the thing about Inception long before Inception, and this ESPionage just knocked the similarities home. Of course, Psychonauts is not satisfied with the monotonous dreamland like a revolving hotel corridor. Here, you ride your molars, gnash your teeth, and drop your throat. It slides down the esophagus returning to the fan equally easily.

Fundamentally speaking, there hasn’t been much change since 2005. Well, it has a dazzling beauty, which comes from an additional 16 years of high-definition technology. But you can still feel the familiar gears under various horizontal planes woven, hand-painted or printed on X-ray film. This is another return to the 3D mascot platform game of the late 90s. A central world that can be explored will take you to an independent level, all the cards are decorated with enough collectibles, even Banjo and Kazooie can sweat.

The center is now the headquarters of Psychonauts, which feels like The Incredibles and The Muppets were thrown into the blender: its staff are potato-faced weirdos, spitting everywhere, while exciting music and retro-futuristic decorations sell you this The grand mission of the group. After 15 hours, I still go to the atrium quickly, just to feel its expansive theme. Composer Peter McConnell did an incredible job throughout the game, turning his hands toward more types than some people might handle throughout their careers.

(Image source: Xbox Game Studio)

From there, Raz jumped into his mind, uncovering the personal trauma that both infected and shaped the psychological landscape. Imagine the independent world of Mario 64, if the island is a metaphor for Wario’s incompetence. On the one hand, they provide comfort food for those older platform games. You collected hundreds of fictional characters and designated hidden holes to return in future upgrades. It is a reliable and standard thing that will make the finisher happy for 20 hours. But levels are not just obstacle courses that need to be sorted out.

Imagine the independent world of Mario 64, if the island is a metaphor for Wario’s incompetence.

Every heart is telling a story. Not in the clichés of audio logs and ten-foot-tall “help me” graffiti. This is the level design for the expo. For example, a person’s family drinking has turned into a poisonous swamp, and his shame is manifested in the abandoned gin bottles on the riverbed. You can navigate before the wine floods them again. Another outstanding figure is the bureaucratic psychiatric hospital hijacked by the casino. Exploring a pachinko board full of pills is a visual spectacle that can be appreciated in this way, but the metaphorical dimension is equally satisfying.

Crucially, no typological metaphor for fatigue was found. Tired of the slippery world of ice and snow? Try to set a level on the wedding cake of a widower who is now mourning. You can’t see this in Crash Bandicoot (though I haven’t played “Cortex Fury”, so if I misrepresent its psychological nuances, I apologize). I like to relive the fragments of a relationship in an aging, broken heart. Each memory is mixed with the host’s work as a barber, postman, and bowling alley attendant. It is both nostalgic and tragic, and at the same time evokes disaster from the whirlpool of sent or unread love letters. Strangely, it also makes “Psycho 2” a good companion for the gang: like a dragon, this is a turbulent story about the older generation, rather than tending to occupy the game’s spotlight.

(Image source: Xbox Game Studio)

This may portray “Psycho 2” more gloomy than it actually is. This is not one of the heartbreaking and painful events that you secretly hope you nod wisely while playing Peggle. In this game, you explore shoes while bacteria are screaming about anti-fungal extinction events. The best level still flips the rules like the original level. One person’s heart is an archipelago, which is explored like a miniature wind wand; the other is a cooking show, when you race to put the whooping cough strawberry into the blender, it becomes a show imitating Overcooked. I’m not sure what is more important than the milkman’s conspiracy in the first game, but it’s close to hearing the eggs boast about their execution.

Sometimes I wonder if Tim Schafer, as the author of the game, is playing a game design. Whose line is it? What advice would Shakespeare give Raz? How does the military history of a country sound like a cheerful little song in Disneyland? Is there any gimmick about the cable car? Surprisingly, these are boring questions. In the most daring comic setting in the game, you need to reconnect your entire brain, and all possible combinations of ideas will produce a punchline. This is a literal joke factory, I can only imagine that the night of the soul is spent on making every combination zing.

I will go further and say that when you walk in the main world and chat with other people, it starts like a lost LucasArts adventure. Driven by Raz’s evolving mental abilities, what’s more puzzling is the physics, but the number of weirdos you can talk to will dig out their dialogue tree at the end of each laugh, depicting a lively life like Rubacava or Mêlée Island world. I’m at a loss for The Questionable Area. It’s a stupid American tourist trap. Half of you want to meet Sam and Max there. This is the power and weirdness of its crumbling attraction.

(Image source: Xbox Game Studio)

One disadvantage of New Things is that I miss the Whispering Rock gang. Bar Raz’s (probably) girlfriend Lili, none of the children will participate in the trip, and their replacement, Raz’s competitor interns, does not have the same influence. Their common indifference is blurred together, and after the wonderful first act, this story discourages them.The opening ceremony did a good job of establishing roles and stakes and provided rewards (to be honest, it’s like a Pixar movie exist A game) It won’t let these relationships go nowhere. Well, in addition to providing ordinary side missions-twists and turns in a world that always strives to twists and turns.

It is as responsive and welcoming as 3D platform games other than Nintendo.

This is a rare moment of untapped potential in the sequel, and it has improved in almost every aspect. The act of just moving is easier to recommend. If Raz enters my mental scar tissue, he will find the platform from Psychonauts 1. Part of me has never left the meat circus. In 2021, Raz is responsive. His rope and pole gymnastics are no longer a mess of button presses. The camera has your back, or any side you want. Throw in a lot of checkpoints, there is no life counter, it responds and welcomes 3D platform games like you see outside of Nintendo.

Combat has also been improved, with easier dodge and automatic aiming, unleashing the potential of the psi power that I found too picky in the original version. Just being able to use a long-range power drop without fighting with the throwing arc will produce a noisy rumbling from the beginning. This time there are more types of enemies, because flying imps, mine elves, and mallet-wielding judges bring a unique flavor to individual battles and ensure that each ability has a chance to play a role. Remapping power is still a breeze, but if it is the price of a meaningful quarrel, so be it.

(Image source: Xbox Game Studio)

Considering how Double Fine rectifies the bumps, it may be surprising that it is so stingy with their rations. Combats are rare in most levels-they don’t exist in the hub world-which makes the new upgrade system somewhat redundant. When you rarely use them, it’s hard to get excited about flexible lobs. This makes the post-integration game particularly weird: you are actually returning to the empty world to upgrade your student level and buy upgrades and power supplies, and no enemy can use them. Only you and a large group of squirrels have to scratch.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that where Psychonauts 2 succumbed to convention is where Double Fine is more uncertain about itself. This has always been a team that is more willing to take creative risks — after all, its studio logo is a baby launched from a cannon — and this is what I choose to celebrate. Not only is it crazy comic swing, but in fact this is a mainstream video game that handles human chaos sympathetically. Get rid of the screaming egg and the doomsday germ predictor. This is a story about regret and getting out of trouble. I don’t think playing Psychonauts 2 will be one of them. So put on that Beastmaster badge: Pat the back for all participants.

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